Ecole 42 in Le Havre: a digital campus without classes or teachers

Within the digital city of Le Havre, Ecole 42 welcomed a hundred students this Monday, January 16, 2023. For a month, they will take tests to find out if they are received in this school of excellence which trains to digital professions.

Concrete day for the future students of Ecole 42 in Le Havre. This Monday, they got to know their classmates but not their teachers. This new campus operates 24 hours a day, and the courses are anything but academic.

Created by Xavier Niel, the founder of Free, École 42 was designed around innovative pedagogy. His concept is successful: 37 campuses have opened around the world. That of Le Havre installed on the digital city is the 7th in France.

It’s a disruptive pedagogy, we talk about pear to pear learning. Here, there is no teacher, you will only see students working with each other, to whom we will give computer development projects. Even those who don’t know how to code will search, will work with their neighbors. All this to get there on your own. Not necessarily the first time but to be wrong is to move forward ! says director Alexandra Bricout.

At first, the students passed “Online Games” (logic and memory tests) from their computer. From now on, they will participate for 26 days in a “Pool”: an immersion on campus in “bootcamp” mode, during which students carry out series of code exercises called “projects”, individually or in groups. held every Friday for 4am and 8am on the last Friday.

The “Pool” is the final stage of selection making it possible to compose a promotion of students with a capacity maximum of 150 students. For the general public, this mode of selection may seem disconcerting but it is a world-famous event in the world of IT and web development. The return of selected students will take place in May 2023.

They come to learn development professions but not only. We also have seven specializations ranging from artificial intelligence to cyber security. They come looking for something very practical: to learn to work with others to finally hold a position in trades that are totally in short supply today. This is the objective of Ecole 42, to meet territorial recruitment needs »

Completely free, there are no tuition fees, to attract talents from different backgrounds and avoid any selection by money. The school is accessible without the baccalaureate and without age limit (18 years minimum or 16 years if baccalaureate). Financed by various private partners (Cisco, Compagnie Industrielle Maritime, Engie, Geodis, Groupe Trace, Helvetia, Safran, Seafrigo, Sogestran, Soget, Total Energies). Its projected budget of 950,000 euros per year. The Le Havre Seine Métropole urban community is investing one million euros in order to “ support the creation of the school and support investments related to the development of spaces within the Digital City and computer equipment”.

Ecole 42 in Le Havre: a digital campus without classes or teachers