Ecologists in Action denounces the

Ecologists in Action Córdoba has denounced “the brutal and unjustified pruning that has been carried out recently on part of the trees of the Los Califas school from the Cordovan capital.

Thus, he has detailed that up to now 23 trees have been intervened of very good bearing with an absolutely abusive third party and against nature. “The tertiary is a pruning technique that fortunately is falling into disuse due to the tremendous damage it causes to the specimens on which it is applied and consists of eliminating the entire crown, leaving only one of its main branches with a third (third) of its natural length”, has detailed.

Specifically, the pruning that denounces Ecologists in Action It can be seen on the entire façade of the school adjacent to Hermano Juan Fernández street.

The environmental group denounces this practice from previous years when “it is applied indiscriminately -without being justified for structural reasons- due to the serious damage it causes irreversibly damaging the health of the treedisfiguring its natural image and preventing it from fulfilling the functions of shading, improvement of air quality, animal refuge and beautification of the city typical of urban trees”.

All of this, he continued, “in an absolutely lacking scientific basis Well, quite the contrary, scientific recommendations are that pruning in mature trees respect at least two thirds of the branches and crown and that thick branches are not cut, except in specific cases in which there is danger to people or in which the tree is sick”.

irreversible consequences

Ecologists in Action has also warned that the consequences of this type of interventions “are serious and irreversible for the tree, causing damage such as the hasty, massive sprouting and without any order, of suckers -instead of nested and solid branches-, insecure and poorly inserted branches, integral weakening of the tree, rotting and infections in cuts, acceleration of the aging process , matted and poorly oxygenated crowns and disfigurement of the natural shape of the crown”.

For this reason, it has indicated that in the current conditions of increased temperatures and when broad sectors of the public are demanding an expansion of urban trees and other elements that cast shade on public spaces, streets, squares and gardens, these specimens will not be able to shade the schoolyard for the next summer and they will be damaged forever.

Ecologists in Action has recalled that the pruning has been carried out in this center of the capital in which the Junta de Andalucía has announced that it is going to do a investment of about 300,000 euros in the installation of photovoltaic energy and adiabatic cooling.

It is a project, as indicated, aimed at “promoting the repair of the crisis in the context of the Covid pandemic and its social consequences and preparing a green recoverydigital and resilient economy”.

Thus, he has criticized that “on the one hand, green and resilient projects are announced, betting on a refrigeration system that involves high energy consumption and, on the other hand, the important natural cooling effects offered by trees are ignored without any energy consumption”.

Ecologists in Action denounces the