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Over ten years of Security Week: many activities to train students and prepare them for the future.

Varesotto – Deaths in the workplace are still the order of the day throughout Italy. Also Thursday 12 January 2023 – opening day of the Security Week organized byFalcone Institute of Gallarate – unfortunately the news reports new names of people who died in the workplace, including a man from San Siro (Como) who was crushed by a plant while he was cutting its branches. But safety is not only in the workplace: it is also at school, at home, on the street…

Therefore, initiatives such as the one presented by the Gallarate school are welcome, which allows children to be trained from adolescence on the subject of safety. “Prevention and training are the foundations from which everything starts. – comments the councilor from Gallarate Frances CarusoIt is said: educate when you are young and it will not be necessary to punish when you grow up“.

The culture of safety

Security Week Istituto Falcone Gallarate 2023 (1)Students will participate in various activities to learn more about safety. In fact, it is not only talked about in the workplace, but also in the mountains, while practicing sports, at school, at home and on the road. It is a real “culture of safety”.

In this week there will be activities from the topics included in civic education“, he specifies Vito Ilacqua, Headmaster of the Falcone Institute. From a security perspective among other things, we also talk about bullying, cyberbullying, equal opportunities, gender-based violence, safety in the mountains. “When I saw the program I was amazed“, commented the doctor positively Frances Benedetti of the Territorial School Office of the Province of Varese referring to the numerous activities that the principal and the staff have devised to talk about safety at 360 degrees.

Security Week Istituto Falcone Gallarate 2023 (1)Among the experts called to intervene there will also be volunteers from the Civil protection. With them the students will rebuild a civil protection camp in which they will also be present Italian Red Cross and the Amateur Radio Association. The aim is to safely recreate an emergency scenario. In addition, about 95 young people will follow a course on the use of the semi-automatic defibrillator. “Every year in Italy about 60,000 people are affected by cardiac arrest“, he precised Robert Canziani (head of cardiology who spoke for the association “Love your heart“) highlighting the importance of knowing how to use the defibrillator.

Not forgetting school

Security Week Istituto Falcone Gallarate 2023 (1)When it comes to safety, the school environment should not be overlooked. Also in this case, unfortunately, there have been tragic episodes, to the point that the National Day for Safety in Schools (November 22). On the occasion of this date the“Via dei Salici” comprehensive school in Legnano shared the letter sent by Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara.

This is why it is very important that today (editor’s note, November 22) does not last twenty-four hours: School Safety Day must be our constant present. – writes Valditara in the letter – Through correct information campaigns, risk management training activities, sharing of good practices and collaboration between all institutional subjects so that a culture of safety is truly and fully established in our country“.

A window to the world

Security Week Istituto Falcone Gallarate 2023 (1)School is also a place where you can get to know the reality that surrounds us. A demonstration of this was the intervention concerning cyber security by Loris Callipari (data security expert) following the launch of Security Week.

Always drawing inspiration from current events, Callipari informed the students and those present on how important it is today to know how to use digital resources conscientiously and responsibly.

Emmanuel Occhipinti

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Educating for safety: another role of the school | Sempione News