Farioli promotes “his” group: “Experience that made school”. Criticism of the junta: “Lack of vision”

«A political-administrative experience that made school». So Gigi Farioli he defines “his” council group Popolo, Riforme e Libertà, born from the separation of the former mayor of Busto Arsizio from the traditional centre-right.
Speaking of the choice of the “liberal, reformist and civic forces” who in the Busto elections “dared to present themselves distinct and distant from the center-right and the center-left” as a “success”: “the polar star on which politics moves on several levels”.

The reference, in all likelihood, is to Renzi and Calenda and to the candidacy of Letizia Moratti. And Farioli will be in the running for the regional council precisely with the third pole, in support of the former mayor of Milan.

While regarding the election of the president of the Province, the support of his group – made up of Emanuel Fiore (replaced Giuseppe Ferrario) e Josephine Lanza – is for Marco Magrini: «The most ready to do not respond to the diktats of the Roman or Milanese secretariats and to listen to the needs of small Municipalities», says Farioli, giving a jab to the center-right which instead focuses on the encore of Emanuele Antonelli.

To whose administration, in this case the municipal administration, People, Reforms and Freedom spares no criticism.
Starting from the Dup (single planning document) and the budget approved in the last municipal council of the year.

«For the first time we decided to express a vote strongly againsttogether with the whole minority», observes Farioli, speaking of «lack of vision on the part of the junta»: «The Dup appears as a sum of parts which do not have strategic planning and coherence, I am not even saying with our programme, but with that of the Antonelli administration”.

Now the opposition council group has tabled a motion (read here) to ask to «apply the special provisions envisaged by the 2023 Budget law regarding the “tax truce” and relating to the automatic cancellation of tax debts and administrative penalties of up to one thousand euros with an urgent measure».

«The Municipality must express itself by the end of January if it does not want to apply the excerpt – explains the first signatory Fiore -. Our proposal proves it attention to families and small businesses that today they have this possibility. And it would be absurd to say no, because the citizen would obtain the same result by acting individually with the subsidized contribution».
The fact is that the group expects the junta to express itself on a decision by the Meloni government: “They make the consequent budget change or take responsibility for confirming that” their “government is not attentive to local authorities”.
It is a “motion of direction and provocation”, at a time when, says Farioli, “we have moved from the lowest to the highest tax burden in Lombardy”.

The PRL councilors recall the various proposals brought to the Council in recent months. “Our policy is always been cooperative with the administration – says Fiore -. We intervened on the issue of health, with the request for an epidemiological investigation, and on that of the family, proposing the solidarity fund. We also presented a motion on the farmhouses, asking at least to secure Burattana, but instead of an answer there was a clash between the mayor and Gigi».

«Our motion on energy communities was approved – recalls Giuseppina Lanza – but in the programming there is no commitment on this. And there is no trace even on equal opportunity policies. We are baffled and hope to have more answers in 2023.”

And speaking of “shortcomings”, Farioli mentions “the motion voted unanimously in which it was said that the junta would submit a series of transversal policies that value the family together with the budget” and the “silence” relating to the hospital: we are approaching the program agreement and we have not participated in the programming on territorial health ».
Farioli, on the other hand, claims what his group has done: «The guiding star of our training is compliance with the programmatic commitments, always in service and never in opposition to the city».

Farioli promotes “his” group: “Experience that made school”. Criticism of the junta: “Lack of vision”