Five thousand young people at the school of the future: “Study and do what makes you happy”

There are those who dreamed of healing people and then became an engineer. Who had no idea what job he would have done when he grew up. And who, like Marzia Bolpagni, does exactly what he wanted to do. Why, she explained in front of five thousand high school students, “At your age I dreamed of being happy. And I really am happy ».

On the last day of Futura Expoin the nearby Palaleonessa, in an atmosphere of celebration and great curiosity, nine other speakers invited by Smart Future Academy they told the third, fourth and fifth graders how they managed to find their way through ups and downs. Among them was the engineer Marzia Bolpagni, head of Bim International Mace. A student of Calini high school and the University of Brescia, the young woman studied abroad (“My degree has been used by several governments”) and worked in Boston before reaching the United Kingdom and being “awarded by Princess Anna as best young engineer of the year ». With her determination and her successes, Bolpagni was full of applause.

The realm of creativity

At the Palaleonessa the second day of Smart Future Academy in front of five thousand high school students

In the center of the building they also answered questions from students Enrico ZampedriCEO of the Metra Group and vice president of the Poliambulanza Foundation, Maria Grazia Adornogeneral manager of Biogei Cosmetici, Daniele Pelimanaging director of Intred, Michele LancellottiCEO of Imbal Carton and president of Alumni UniBs, Gianmarco TammaroLactalis Italia sustainability manager, e Gianfausto Ferrarichamberlain of the kingdom of Farneta, intervened together with the young entrepreneurs Daniel Zabiku and Mauro Bubbico.

Zampedri invited the boys to “not be afraid of making mistakes: I threw myself, I took the opportunities that presented themselves to me”. Like that of directing the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome. «Traveling – he said – has opened my mind. Ditto dealing with volunteer initiatives. A recommendation I make to you: study English. If you choose the job you like it will be like not working even a day ».

Her advice was joined by those of Maria Grazia Adorno who immediately attracted the attention of the young audience by saying that Biogei Cosmetici di Pian Camuno manufactures the products of the Cynical Beautician: «You need passion, commitment and a bit of luck. These days the problem is not finding work, but workers who want to work ».

Gianfausto Ferrari, chamberlain of the kingdom of Farneta, has shown once again that he believes in young people and supports their projects, a green, digital and inclusive place in which to give space to creativity and innovation. There the ideas of the two young entrepreneurs who accompanied him to the building were born. Everyone, yesterday as Monday, was asked a question in line with the theme of Futura Expo: what small actions do you put in place in favor of the environment? Zampedri saves water and Maria Grazia I adorn paper: in the office, by choice, she does not have a printer.


At the end of the roundup of meetings, the five thousand students invaded the 107 stands of Futura Expo and were fascinated by them. Some of them even took part in the casting to become ambassadors of the Smart Future Orienta project. Super satisfied with the outcome of the two days, the president of the organizing association Lilli Franceschetti: «The mix between Futura Expo and Smart Future Academy was a winning one. The students listened to the speakers, met the companies and tried out what sustainability means in the field. We are satisfied ».