Golden Globes 2023: ‘Inisherin’s Wretched Souls’ and ‘Abbott College’ triumph at an insipid gala for some awards that want to be taken seriously

“I’m here because I’m black” would start Jerrod Carmichael the opening monologue of the Golden Globes 2023. Faced with this, the comedian humorously commented on his concerns and how he had decided to say yes to the HFPA’s proposal to participate in the gala. While the intentions were good, it was not (at all) the best way to start some awards that intend to return to normality.

What’s the true. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has had serious image problems for years and needs to address them. The issue is that above all, she likes to talk about herself… and that first monologue he remembered the self-congratulatory and insistence roll that they want to be as diverse as possible that they conveyed in the private gala last year.

I don’t know to what extent responsibility should be shared between the organization and the comedian, but the point is that Carmichael was more awkward (and not in a good way) than funny. Not only in the initial monologue, but throughout the entire gala: for example, the zasca to Will Smith sounded spectacular in his head (it did to Eddie Murphy), a joke about “Under the Sea” wasn’t very lucid either. .like this all night.

It’s more, the five minutes in which Jennifer Coolidge presented the award for best supporting actor in a series was a much more fun time and even appropriate than the interventions of our host. A magic that also occurred with Nicole Byer and Ana Gasteyer in the limited series actor categories.

Not so white (but not the opposite either)

Speaking of awards, from the beginning there was an intention to try to stop being “so white”. The first hour of the gala gave well-deserved prizes (although the pool annoyed me) on the interpretive level to Ke Huy Quan (‘Everything at once everywhere‘) Y Angela Bassett (‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘), Tyler James Williams (‘Abbott College‘) Y Fifth Brunson (idem). In addition, the award for best song for ‘Naatu Naatu‘ of ‘RRR‘ served as a brooch to decorate these intentions. Then the statistics began to balance.

As always, there has been some disparity when it comes to collecting the prizes. some more inspiring (Basset’s) and others less, some who took the opportunity to congratulate the actress who presented the award (Colin Farrell to Ana de Armas) some with their mobile phones, others thrown out as soon as time was up and others (Michelle Yeoh) who threatened beat up whoever she touched if they didn’t let her finish. And it also gave the feeling that some were given more time than others.

Also as a curious fact to say that there were four notable absences among the awards. The three women: neither zendaya (‘Euphoria‘), cate blanchett (‘Tár’), Amanda Seyfried (‘pam and tommy‘), neither Kevin Costner (‘yellowstone‘) were there to pick up their respective interpretive balloons.

They are not the only ones who have leftover nougat

In addition to the prizes, it seems that the HFPA is going through the same thing as any average Spaniard: Christmas ends and nougat is left over. The pity is that this is the kind that you don’t eat, with the honorary awards and some other presentations. The first great tribute of the night was to ryan murphy (‘Dahmer‘, to say his latest success), honored, despite the redundancy, with the Carol Burnett award, delivered by Bill Porter (‘Pose‘).

A moment of vindication of LGTBQ+ representation in film and television but which soon turned into talking about his friends (and actors with whom he had worked) for endless minutes, which has ended up being especially dull. What an eye, I’m not saying it’s not something deserved. Murphy is quite the Hollywood animal and one of the main storytellers (and even activists) of queer culture in the industry, but the tone and content has been strange of the speech.

It is not the only point of the night that was a bit bland, with the inevitable presence of the president Zelenskyy, introduced by Sean Penn. Something more entertaining (although the video was excessively long) was the Cecil B. DeMille to Eddie Murphy, hosted by Tracy Morgan. By contrast, the association president’s speech was unexpectedly brief.

Despite some pleasant surprises, the gala developed as planned: ‘Almas en tormento de Inisherin’ and ‘The Fabelmans they took the big movie prizeswhile ‘The White Lotus‘, ‘Abbott College‘ Y ‘the house of the dragon‘ (this is perhaps the most surprising of the five) became the best series for the Globes.

Personally I have missed that mamarracho touch and drunk on stage (thanks Mike White for giving me what I asked for) for which the awards are famous and this edition of the Golden Globes have been ones in which they have wanted to take themselves more seriously than ever, in a search to recover the prestige they once had (or gave us). they made believe they had).

Golden Globes 2023: ‘Inisherin’s Wretched Souls’ and ‘Abbott College’ triumph at an insipid gala for some awards that want to be taken seriously