Haven’t chosen high school yet? How to solve the main doubts

We already have the dates: the questions of subscription to high school must be submitted from 8:00 on 9 January to 20:00 on 30 January 2023. What about you? Have you already identified the institute that is right for you? If you still have doubts, I’ll give you some pointers on how to choose the best high school depending on who you are and your expectations.

Know that it is one important and sometimes difficult decisiondon’t underestimate her. Nothing definitive, of course. However, being immediately inright environment it can be a great way to target yours future career.

How do I know which high school to choose?

There high school will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills you will need to access the University studies or al world of work. Therefore, it is best to carefully consider yours interests to rationally choose the context that suits yours needs and yours aspirations.

So here are my tips for answering the question: How do I know which high school to choose?

Imagine yourself in a few years

First of all it is important define your goals and aspirations. Ask yourself questions: What job would I like to do? Where do I see myself in a few years? Do I want to prepare myself to enter university or to immediately start that specific career path? To understand how to choose high schoolYay sincere in the answers: in this case lying is only counterproductive. Try as much as possible to hold your dreams in one hand and reality in the other, without giving up.

Look at yourself in the mirror

In a metaphorical sense, it is clear. Understand who you are and what makes you feel good. Does drawing fill you with joy? Do you like writing or arithmetic? Or no place makes you feel as comfortable as the position in front of the stove? Some learn faster in one way, some in another; who goes faster in one subject, who in another. Don’t be absolutely ashamed of yourself or yourself, because know that it will only be your uniqueness that will make you stand out. Everyone is equally perfect, but each of us is unique in our flaws! So indulge yourself, don’t conform. Look in the mirror and call yourself by name.

Evaluate programs

Of course it is essential. Each high school offers its own curriculumso I highly recommend that you read it carefully to understand how the hours will be distributed among the various disciplines. In this way you will be able to rely not only on the most visceral and immediate sensations, but also on gods more objective values, which will allow you to evaluate the choice rationally. Only then will you be able to choose high school that fully meets your needs.

Grab information, seek comparison

Do you have doubts about how to choose high school? Talk about ityou will see that it will get better. The friends they are also used for this! Ask if they have already decided and get an idea also according to their motivations.

Still not satisfied or satisfied? Good, ask your teachers for advice. They will certainly be able to offer you some interesting ideas, perhaps retracing some of them stages of their experience or the experience of others. By doing so you can get useful information on the different study environments and on the possibilities of one or the other path.

And then yours parents. Share your concerns with them and talk about what you like and what you would like to do. Assume that your family wants your good. This means that, even if they oppose, they are doing it for you, or rather for what they think is best for you. The only way to get over it, to the satisfaction of both parties, is the comparison. Don’t run away, don’t hide. Be sure of your passions and, again, be sincere.

Haven’t chosen high school yet? How to solve the main doubts