How to enroll children in school?

How to do? Where to enroll them? These “concerns” know no addresses: they leave from the nest and arrive at superior – real enigma for all the kids who still don’t know which path to choose – passing through theasylum, the elementarythe medium

Families will have time from 9 to 30 January to choose, by submitting the application for all the first classes of primary, first and second grade secondary school. Enrollments in the vocational education and training courses provided under the subsidiarity regime by the professional institutes and vocational training centers accredited by the Regions that adhere to the online procedure will also be via the web. For childhood institutions, on the other hand, the application remains on paper.

How to enroll your children in school: all stages of the procedure

To begin the ride towards preparation for the new school year, the first step was really the institutes, that by 8 January they had to update and publish the three-year plan for the training offer (Ptof).

The principal thus establishes the maximum number of pupils for each institution, based on spaces and organic; the precedence criteria they are approved by the school council: for example, the ministry indicates the proximity of the pupil’s residence or particular work commitments of the parents.

Let’s start by saying that, to proceed with enrollment in schools, today you have to have adigital identity, as also specified in the circular that the Ministry of Education and Merit sent to the institutes. You will be able to access the registration system from using your credentials Spid (Public digital identity system), Cie (Electronic identity card) or eIDAS (electronic IDentification authentication and signature). The enabling function has already been available since December 19th.

The second step is to seek out as much information as possible about each institution and identify the school of interest. For a first selection, you can consult the section Search for your school to the site of School in Clear, the application made available by the Ministry of Education. It is possible to download a QR Code which will provide all the information on structures, training offers, equipment, and will compare some data with those of other educational institutions in the area.

Once decided, you will have to ask the question through the service Online registration 2023/24, find materials and other useful information. Questions can start already today from 8:00, until 20:00 on January 30th. For enrolment, parents must provide the essential information relating to the pupil for whom enrollment is requested (tax code, name and surname, date of birth, residence). However, the educational institutions receiving the applications offer support to families without IT equipment.

Changes and news for the enrollment of children in school

The system Online registrations it will notify families in real time, by email or App, of the successful registration and will allow them to follow the registration application process. The enrollment application, which must be shared by both parents, is unique for each student, but up to 2 other preferences in case the chosen school has an excess of requests compared to the places available.

Once enrollment is closed, to change school or course of study it will be necessary to submit a formal reasoned request to the enrollment school and to the destination school.

Once the application has been sent, the families will remain for a few days waiting to find out if the request has been accepted in the school of first choice or if it has been forwarded to the institution indicated in the alternative.

In case of an oversubscription who takes precedence? The rules in this case are written by the school councils which, before enrollment begins, decide on the precedence criteria. The selection methods respond to motivations such as the proximity to the school or details work commitments of parents.

Taxes, contributions and fiscal aid

Around the month of Julywhen enrollment is at an advanced stage, the school can ask families to pay an institution fee through the payment system I pay online to cover, for example, the costs of the annual supplementary insurance, to improve the training offer for the purchase of teaching materials, the modernization of laboratories.

Taxes, compulsory contributions, as well as voluntary contributions and other donations approved by the school board, as connected to school attendance, are deductible from income tax. This applies to attendance at any type of school, whether state, equivalent or local.

I’m exempt from payment of tuition fees students who have achieved a vote not lower than the average of eight tenths in the final ballots and the children of Italian citizens residing abroad who carry out their studies in Italy. The waiver can also be obtained for economic reasons, for families who declare an ISEE value equal to or less than 20,000 euros: it is however necessary that the student, in the previous year, has obtained a behavior grade of no less than eight tenths, that he has not received a disciplinary sanction exceeding 5 days of suspension, and that he has been promoted.

Among tax aid, the introduction of the single universal allowance from 1 March 2022 does not affect the deductible educational expenses for dependent family members. Individuals can deduct 19% of “attendance expenses” from personal income tax of infant schools” (kindergarten), of the “first cycle of education” (elementary and middle) and of the “secondary school” (high school) of the “national education system”, provided for in Article 1, Law 10 March 2000, no. 62, in state schools and private schools and local authorities (article 15, paragraph 1, letter e-bis, Tuir).

The subsidized expense (not the Irpef deduction) cannot exceed 800 euros annually per pupil (article 15, paragraph 1, letter e-bis, Tuir), therefore, the maximum deduction is equal to 152 euros (800 for 19 %).

Contributions from the Regions

There are grants and scholarships that individual Regions can choose to implement to help parents with school expenses.

The MIUR scholarships, often disbursed automatically to those who have not been able to access regional aid despite having requested it, they go from 200 to 500 euros. Then present in every Region measurements for textbooks, through vouchers or loan services. It is the so-called Book bonuses state, whose Isee limits for accessing it vary according to the legislation adopted by your Municipality, Province or Region, depending on the supplying body.

In Lombardy for example, the school dowry provides support from 1,300 to 3,000 euros, for families with ISEE up to 40,000 euros, to support the costs of enrollment and attendance of children in state schools, both private and non-private. Together with the Dowry school it is also possible to apply for a merit scholarship and a voucher for teaching materials.

Specific aid is also provided in some areas for enrollment and attendance fees in private schools or boarding schools, as in Valle d’Aostawhere is it up to 21,000 euros of Isee it is possible to benefit from a voucher for attendance at boarding schools, boarding schools and after-school services.

In Piedmont with Isee up to 26,000 euros 2 types of non-cumulative aid: the support for the costs of enrollment and attendance at private schools or for the didactic material and transport.

Among the services that financially support students is also INPS: for attendance at first and second degree schools, universities, for off-site students and higher technical institutes (Its), the institution provides scholarships with partial coverage attendance fees.


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How to enroll children in school?