In the hamlet of Sala from Monday elementary school in prefabricated modules




From Monday 9 January – upon returning from the Christmas holidays – gThe pupils of the elementary school of Sala will enter the temporary modules which have been set up to allow the correct carrying out of the structural consolidation works of the historic building. The state of the art facility has been installed in the car park adjacent to the school with the neighboring area being used for parking for parents and school staff. The space – already usable since October – is available to parents and school staff, but also to citizens.


In order to be able to carry out the work and guarantee the normal course of lessons, the Municipality of Cesenatico has purchased housing modules to be placed temporarily adjacent to the school building. It’s about prefabricated modules of over 600 square meters for a height of over 2.70 meters. Ten classrooms will be temporarily located in the new structurewith bathrooms divided into males, females and the disabled, staff classroom with relative bathroom and space for portioning meals, given that the pupils will consume it within the relative classrooms. As for the laboratories and the gym, the current spaces serving the school will be used not affected by the construction site area and by the interventions. A portion of the garden will also be available to students. The heating and air conditioning system is designed and built in such a way as to guarantee the internal temperatures envisaged by current regulations at any time of the year.

The structural consolidation works of the historic building envisage an investment of 1,300,000 euros: 800,000 euros are intended for structural consolidation – 600,000 euros they come from the Pnrr e 200,000 they are funds allocated by the municipal administration. 500,000 euros they are earmarked for temporary modules and are totally paid by the Administration.

“The citizens of Sala – and not only – have been waiting for these works on elementary school for a long time – says mayor Matteo Gozzoli in the note sent yesterday by the municipal administration to the press – . The historic Villa Romagnoli is a historic and valuable building, there is a need to make it even safer and more solid while maintaining its artistic value and facilitating the students and staff who live everyday life. The modules we have installed and which will become operational from Monday contain spacious, bright, warm and avant-garde classrooms and after several inspections together with our technicians I can say that I am satisfied. I want to thank the Giorgini and Vincenzi families who have granted us the area where we built the temporary parking on free loan”.

“We are facing a temporary situation, it will take everyone’s patience but the well-being of the pupils is guaranteed in the best possible way. The modules contain modern classrooms which will allow lessons to be carried out in the best possible conditions. A part of the garden will remain free from the construction site and therefore usable as will the gym which can be used regularly. I would like to thank the head teacher Gallizzi, all the teachers and staff, the parents and our municipal technicians”.and words of the commissioner Emanuela Pedulli.

In the hamlet of Sala from Monday elementary school in prefabricated modules