In Vence, they imagined the school of tomorrow

Allow teachers, parents, students but also elected officials, representatives of associations and actors in the local economic fabric to consult on what the school of tomorrow could be, this is what the Ministry of Education proposes. National Education to all schools of the Nice Academy.

The watchword is clear: “Our school, let’s do it together”. A consultation that takes place within the framework of the work of the National Council for the Refoundation of Education, whose local initiatives started last October.

363 establishments registered

This Thursday, at La Sine college in Vence, it was the first consultation meeting between all the voluntary actors of the project. “You need to come together in small groups to form a workshopexplains Frédérique Cochi Bianchi, one of the project’s academic advisors. After 20 minutes, everyone will have to change workshops to tackle the other themes.

Around the tables, ideas fuse. We listen to each other, we rack our brains, we suggest, we wonder… The minutes go by and everyone does their part, there is no shortage of ideas. Because the objective in all this is threefold: it is to enable the success of each student, to reduce inequalities and to bring well-being to the school.

Of the approximately 1400 establishments that make up the Nice Academy, 363 have already registered for this program which concerns all students, from primary school to high school. They now have 4 years to participate.

Schools can even benefit from financial support for their projects. An envelope of 500 million euros is provided for all French establishments by the educational innovation fund.

Are the topics covered free?

The only constraint is to meet three objectives: equal opportunity, success and well-being. I wanted each establishment to take the time it needs to respond to these themes and formulate its project.

What are the stages of these consultations?

There is a first meeting which allows the initiative to be presented and the workshops to be launched. At the same time, a questionnaire is sent to the students. During a second meeting, we take the combined results of these two methods to formulate a project. Once the project is finalized, it is possible to request funding if necessary.

Géraldine Muller, head of the list of parents of students: “The equality of children is close to my heart. I want the children to feel good and to succeed. I am always present and willing when it is necessary to invest in them. I expect these consultations to what comes out of it is real work and help for young people. I want it to go all the way.”

Sophie Berardo, principal of La Sine college: “By participating in this project, my desire is to move the lines and give a voice to all the actors. We are often criticized and accused of imposing things. We have to be able to reach a consensus to launch an innovative project.

Lohan Gea-Levasseur, 4th grader: “I am eco-delegate of honor and I find it interesting to participate in this project because it gives another vision of things. Not only that of the teachers or the students. It is important to feel good at school. I am a little spokesperson for the students and it’s an opportunity to tell the adults what you want.”

In Vence, they imagined the school of tomorrow