Incarville: no new kindergarten, but a school consolidation

The elementary school in Incarville will be renovated and expanded to accommodate kindergartens by 2025. ©DR

This Friday, January 6, 2023, Patrick Maugars (SE) and its municipal team organized the first ceremony of official vows since their election in 2020, due to health restrictions linked to Covid-19. It was an opportunity for the mayor to look back on the past year, but also to honor the 15 elected members of the municipal council and association volunteers in front of nearly 150 peopleincluding various local politicians.

Project for a new kindergarten aborted

In the eyes of Patrick Maugars, “the past year has been generally positive”. On the other hand, he retains “a negative element”, for which he assumes part of the responsibility. Until recently, the city council aimed to build a new kindergarten.

The current building, built almost 40 years ago, is in a degraded state. But the project estimated at 3 million euroswhich appeared at the top of municipal team campaign promises elected in 2020, was abandoned. Patrick Maugars makes amends.

How to explain this? In my opinion, there are several reasons. First of all, there was a lack of anticipation on the part of the former municipality of which I was a part. Unfortunately, the majority of elected officials did not make the rehabilitation of the school a priority. I can also cite Covid-19 as a disruptive element to our ambitions. Moreover, a majority of elected officials and myself have, I affirm it today, taken the wrong road by opting for the construction of a new nursery school instead of a school group which is the solution adopted for this day. All of this cost us a bit of time.

Patrick Maugars

Back to 2022

In 2022, the city council has three subjects: the energy renovation of the elementary school (€148,500), “the creation of a large playground with tables and other benches” (€40,200) and the electrical repair of the Salle de la Source (€16,700).
Patrick Maugars also returned to the pooling of the municipal police of Louviers with the municipality of Incarville, thus allowing the recruitment of an additional municipal police officer. “Incarville therefore benefits from eight agents circulating on our territory in order to ensure the safety of our inhabitants”, rejoices the elected official who recalls that this represents an annual cost for the City of 65,000 €.
Finally, the mayor returned to the restoration of the tomb of François-Marie Comte Clément de la Roncière (1773-1854). This thanks to the action of Byron Ferry, municipal councilor whom he wishes to honor.

Creation of a single school group (elementary and kindergarten)

Thus, the municipality is moving towards a new course. The current kindergarten will be demolished. The elementary school will be retained, enlarged and renovated. Objective: to accommodate the 32 kindergarten children (two classes) within a single school group. “Perhaps during the works, we will have to install elementary children in modular buildings, we do not yet know how it will happen”, explains the elected official. He also insists on the calendar.

It won’t be operational until September 2025.

Patrick Maugars

The whole of this project concerning a unified school group is estimated at nearly 2 million euros, ie one million euros less than the first project for a new separate kindergarten.

Closing a class

One element worries the mayor: the possible closure of a class in September 2023 at the elementary school. For the moment, 76 children are expected for the start of the school year. And the school now has four classes, or 19 to 20 students per class. National Education therefore plans to close a class. “We were already threatened last year and finally it passed. I don’t know if we’ll get there. While we have 25 buildings that will arrive in Incarville, ”regrets Patrick Maugars.


Among the City’s other projects, there is also the development of a secure passage for schoolchildren and passers-by at the crossroads behind the E.Leclerc center (rue Abbé Delamare and des Prés), where a person from the Town Hall is currently making the students cross. “I would like a raised crossing or a system, like next to Lidl in Louviers, with a traffic light that comes on when there is someone who wants to cross”, specifies the mayor who wants “this problem to be resolved this year.

Videos: currently on Actu

Finally, a video protection program will be put in place. The town has no cameras today and could have 16 or 20 by the end of 2023 and the beginning of 2024.

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Incarville: no new kindergarten, but a school consolidation