INSEEC Grande Ecole opens the doors of the international world to you

Do you want to discover the jobs of tomorrow or set up your startup? Then INSEEC Grande École is made for you! The business school has a lot to offer students keen on international affairs and/or wishing to train for jobs of the future.

INSEEC Grande École is part of OMNES Education, a group that owns several schools and in particular establishments that train engineers. Beyond hybridization possible thanks to the collaborations between the various establishments of the group, the great asset of the large groups is their striking force, especially at international !

The rich international experience of INSEEC Grande Ecole

INSEEC Grande École has 3 satellite sites abroad. The first, to London, is a compulsory passage for all first-year students. Indeed, from your L3, you will have the chance to know international experience leaving for two months, in full immersion.

At the heart of one of the largest financial centers in the world, you can also train in finance and its challenges since INSEEC allows you to return to London to follow specialized courses.

In Master 1, you can spend a semester on one of its sites in Munich or Barcelona.

If you are attracted to technology Where entrepreneurshipyour journey will even lead you to san francisco. The only business school present in this world-city, INSEEC Grande École is at the heart of a state-of-the-art educational and entrepreneurial system.

The establishment has established partnerships with UC Berkeley, which is just a few transit stops from campus. But also with Salesforce, which is also close to the premises of the OMNES Education group.

The INSEEC adventure around the world

The international is not only the presence of a campus abroad. It is also the possibility of going on exchange within partner establishments. You will be able to go to the four corners of the world within prestigious triple accredited universities such as Zhaw School of Management and Law (Switzerland), Nottingham Trent University (UK), Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany), Southern Utah University (USA) or Solbridge International School of Business (South Korea).

You can also benefit from a network of more than 22,000 graduates distributed across the world. They can help you find an internship or a first job abroad and thus quench your thirst for international opportunities!

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Double degrees for everyone!

The other major advantage of INSEEC Grande École is obviously the possibility of graduating with a double degree, a must on the job market. The business school offers seven abroad in dream destinations, right in the heart of global economic life.

You will be able to do a double degree with ISM University of Management and Economics (Lithuania), International University of Monaco (IUM) (Monaco), Philipps-Universität Marburg (Germany), SRH Hochschule Berlin (Germany), University of Granada (Spain ), University of Moncton (Canada), ISM (Germany)

A course of excellence

The result of an exceptional partnership, the INSEEC Grande Ecole Excellence Course offers the opportunity to study in France, then in Berlin and Grenade. A resolutely international course for obtaining a triple degree and moving towards European careers.

Specializations in all fields

Another advantage of the presence of INSEEC Grande École within a large group is the possibility of specializing in many sectors. Digital, human resources, sport, marketing, finance… Nothing is impossible for passionate students!

The school is also recognized for its expertise and know-how in several areas such as luxury or the wine business.

INSEEC Grande Ecole: the local school

One of the advantages of INSEEC Grande École is also the presence of campuses in Paris, Bordeaux and Lyons. The development of the business school allows a territorial network which places it close to students and their families, but also close to major hubs.

In Paris, students will be at the heart of a financial center and many large groups. INSEEC Grande Ecole students who opt for the Bordeaux campus will be able to specialize in wine trades. In Lyon, the school is located in the city center, a few steps from Place Bellecour. If you choose this campus, you will have a real door open to the second most dynamic and rich region of France. You will also be at the forefront of access to internships and jobs offered in Switzerland, a real place of international institutions.

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INSEEC Grande Ecole opens the doors of the international world to you