Joseph Bouglione will open a circus school in Seine

Joseph Bouglione in the stands of the winter circus. ©DR

In front of a show circus, who hasn’t dreamed of being part of the troupe? Circus fans will soon be able to discover the other side of its magic in its school and why not, tread the track, to Lizy-sur-Ourcq (Seine et Marne).

Joseph Bouglione, director of the winter circus in Paris, is the founder of what he called “Circus Arts”.

For the past year, he has been undertaking work in a warehouse located at 6 route d’Échampeu in Lizy.

The opening should take place between the end of March and the beginning of April 2023. Until then, Joseph Bouglione announces that the development still requires work. “I cleaned, emptied, repaired and did the earthworks in front of the site. The school will use the front part of the warehouse and the back part will be used to store the material”

We want the children to be like in a circus with garlands, a ring, music, lights.

Joseph Bouglione

A project designed for children

It is no coincidence that Joseph Bouglione chose Lizy-sur-Ourcq to set up his school. His family has been coming to the Pays de l’Ourcq for years, in particular to pray at the graves of the Bouglione family, whose vault is in the Lizy cemetery.

With this project that he has been preparing for a long time, the trapeze artist has the idea of ​​proposing leisure, internships, but also private lessons for those most interested in circus arts.

Teach the basics of circus

“The fundamental bases of the circus are the smile, the costume and the make-up. From the beginning, we will be clear on the fact that it’s hard. We will be a teacher with the children, with an evolution of the pedagogy for each age”, specifies Joseph Bouglione.

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The lessons will be adapted according to the children, but all apparatus, on the ground, or even aerial will be taught. “There will be no problem for the trapeze, my specialty, the fabric or the thread”, warns the future director of Circus Arts.

To supervise small groups of children over several time slots, weekends and Wednesdays, Joseph Bouglione will recruit several qualified teachers. He too will be present in Lizy-sur-Ourcq from the end of the winter shows of the family circus. “On Sunday morning, there will be lessons on the history of the circus and the presentation of a number”, he foresees.

“Several tens of thousands of euros” were invested to implement this idea, impossible to exploit in Paris, where this installation would have been too expensive. ” It has to be affordable for everyone. But it will be more expensive if they are private lessons. »

Finally, to diversify the activity of this school and respond to a request from Lizéens, the director of the winter circus imagines offering “yoga, pole dance, Pilate and dance classes. »

Courses also for professionals

Nearly an hour from Paris, the warehouse that will serve as a circus school could also become a “training center for professionals. » Joseph Bouglione wants the 2000 m2 of the site also benefit artists passing through the Paris region.

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Joseph Bouglione will open a circus school in Seine-et-Marne