Journalism lesson at Palacio Valdés school

Pelayo, Iván, Alejandro, Lucía, Hugo and Aitor, 5th grade students from the Palacio Valdés public school, want to be journalists and yesterday they had the opportunity to start training in the profession at the hands of the presenter Elena Reales and the director Aida García Fresno , trainers of the School of Journalism of the newspaper LA VOZ-EL COMERCIO. Yesterday was a day for the presentation of the project and a quick introduction to the main roles of an audiovisual writing team and to launch with a note they had the presence of the manager of Cogersa, Paz Orviz, who offered a press conference to the schoolchildren.

Orviz, who carefully followed the latest indications from Reales and García Fresno to the students, first offered some brushstrokes about the work and importance of Cogersa. He took the opportunity to inform them that in Asturias we recycle only 25% of our garbage, less than half of what the European Union requires, which marks 55%. But, following a comment from one of the students, he pointed out that avoiding waste and reusing is more important than recycling.

Aware of his role, he encouraged the young journalism apprentices to ask him difficult and compromising questions, yes, related to his area of ​​work and knowledge. After a first question that required a somewhat more technical explanation, they asked about the type of waste that could be thrown in each container and about some keys so that families generate less garbage.

The students showed a lot of involvement and made proposals for future recordings in the educational center

At that point in the day, two teams of five members each were already selected into which the two classes will be divided. Yesterday the example was carried out only with these two and now everyone will have to work on the preparation, writing and recording of the news that will be broadcast in an informative future. To do this they will take advantage of some of the activities they do during school hours. For example, the talk that the National Police gives in relation to the use of new technologies, social networks and privacy was considered.

Paz Orviz, managing director of Cogersa, together with the students. diana baizán

In the teams there is a producer, a cameraman, a person in charge of sound, a director and an editor, each one has a role in the elaboration of the informative piece, as was shown yesterday. While the first of the members managed the participation of the Cogersa manager in the Palacio Valdés activity, the rest of the team had to record it, check the sound and ask her questions. He will now have to repeat the scheme in the company of his tutors, who are the ones who have selected the five members of each group.

Previously, Elena Reales and Aida García Fresno had asked the students their degree of familiarity with the media. They showed that they have a very close relationship with them, especially with the new formats. Social networks are for them, as they are also for other older generations, the portal where they get information. Of course, Reales warned them, that they should read with a critical eye because they could sneak false news.

More practice

This first approach to the world of information combined theory and practice, but the next one will be eminently practical. Those responsible for the training will arrive at the center with their cameras and microphones so that everything is much more real.

This School of Journalism was born as a result of the Albanta Xixón Transmedia (AXT) project carried out by the newspaper LA VOZ-EL COMERCIO in 2021 in collaboration with the Miguel de Cervantes school in Gijón. It was about bringing the intricacies of journalism closer to the little ones and providing them with communication tools that could be useful for the rest of their learning.

Apart from the Palacio Valdés school, the Pravia institute also participates; the San Vicente, Corazón de María and Miguel de Cervantes schools in Gijón; the Palace of Granda, in Siero, and the IES La Ería in Oviedo.

Journalism lesson at Palacio Valdés school