Loire Atlantique. “We receive threats, we are insulted”: why are these school neighbors exhausted?

Residents of rue des Erables, near the public school in Divatte-sur-Loire (near Nantes), deplore the behavior of motorists when leaving classes. ©HSM

Out of school4:30 p.m. For these inhabitants of Divatte-sur-Loire (near Nantes), it has become a dreaded time of day. stormy same.

The general behavior of motorists and parents picking up their children from Robert Doisneau school exasperates them.

Their dead end turns into a parking lot

Alain, Inès, Emmanuelle, Kévin, Claudine… live in the little rue des Erables, 100-150m from the school public Robert-Doisneau in La Chapelle-Basse-Mer. And in the evening, when school is over, it’s an eternal refrain. Their impasse turns into an ephemeral and anarchic parking lot. “People arrive quickly and park haphazardly.

Once, someone parked in front of my driveway. We receive threats, we are insulted and it is not far from ending in a fight… We are considered as idiots.

Inès, resident of the school since 2011

“There is no more respect among people”

“At the beginning, I was at war, now I have abdicated”, expresses, tired, the retired Claudine, who has lived on rue des Erables for 40 years, like Alain. “I’ve never had a problem before. But there it is Worse and worse. There is no more respect among people, ”adds the latter.

We can no longer walk on the sidewalks, but on the road. And sometimes, it’s very dangerous, because vehicles come at full speed in our street. We go so far as to put blocks in front of our houses. It’s going to end badly all this…”, laments Emmanuelle, mother of a family.

Kevin, too, is worried:

We found it interesting to come and live here two and a half years ago, because it was a dead end, so a safe place for our children, without traffic. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Kevin, neighbor of the school
Residents fear for the safety of children and residents on each class outing.
Residents fear for the safety of children on each class outing. Example here on Friday, January 13, 2023. ©HSM

Not enough parking near the school

Local residents are therefore constantly “under tension” each time they leave the classroom. “The most embarrassing is the evening, less in the morning,” they note. This situation coincides with the opening of the gate elementary side to Robert-Doisneau “more than five years ago”. Children, from CP to CM2, are therefore picked up at this location, not far from rue des Erables.

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The school, which has a total of about 450 students, has plenty of parking, but it’s definitely not enough.

This Friday, January 13, for example, we can see vehicles parked everywhere around the establishment: along the departmental road, to the parking lot of the stadium.

At the end of the classes, dozens of vehicles park along the departmental road, as close as possible to the school.
At the end of the classes, dozens of vehicles park along the departmental road, as close as possible to the school. ©HSM

Rue des Erables? “There have been a few fewer cars for a few weeks, says Inès. Maybe by dint of telling them, of showing our exasperation, people end up parking elsewhere”.

City Hall’s response

The town hall responded by mail to requests from residents. At the end of November, she noted indeed “that many vehicles have been parked on the yellow lines (rue Chanteclair) since the start of the school year, which nevertheless indicate a parking ban, even brief”.
A situation “which leads to an accumulation of vehicles in a narrow area and therefore an increased risk of hitting pedestrians”. She recalls that parking “is available near the sports complex, rue du Stade”, that “access to the school is short and completely secure”. “The Intermunicipal Police is informed of this situation and is authorized to verbalize the vehicles”, it is added.
New response from Mayor Christelle Braud (by post) in December 2022: “Rue des Erables is a public road open to all road users. I cannot therefore enact regulations reserving parking on this street. But in the event that you again notice violations of the Highway Code, or even dangerous parking or altercations, we invite you to immediately notify the gendarmerie.

Petition, letters to the town hall…

Their anger is not new. These residents launched a petition in 2017. Have challenged the town hall of Divatte-sur-Loire on several occasions.

Letters were sent to him at the end of last year. But their answers do not satisfy them (box).

The residents claim always “complete security” around the school and are ready to go further in their actions.

The town hall has made rue Chanteclair one-way (and at 30 km/h, editor’s note.), but that penalizes us more than anything else. People drive even faster. This situation is not going to improve, as the neighborhood around the school continues to develop.

Residents of rue des Erables

Indeed, a house of health will come out of the ground not far from the school, eight houses are being built behind the rue des Erables and, above all, the public school will expand by 2025. The town hall will take advantage of this major project to “renovate the roads” in order to secure the premises.

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Loire Atlantique. “We receive threats, we are insulted”: why are these school neighbors exhausted?