Lunel: the return of the great “various” cabaret of the municipal school of music, an unmissable event

Sunday, January 15, the students and teachers of the structure meet the general public at the Georges-Brassens room for a warm moment of instrumental discovery.

It is one of the two unmissable events of the year at the municipal music school. This Sunday, January 15 from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., the team of teachers of Brigitte Croze, president of the school, the director Vincent Galas and the 240 students invite the public to a new “various” Cabaret.

It’s been going on for fifteen years and the event continues to grow. Suffice to say that after two years of absence due to the pandemic (last year the cabaret was reduced to a concert), the music school has prepared a return to basics where sharing, conviviality and, of course, , lyrics and music. “The “various” cabaret is, along with the music festival, one of our two flagship projects of the year. This cabaret marks, halfway through the year, the student’s work. is a beautiful musical event”explains Vincent Galas.

We share music… but not only

The concept is quite simple yet very innovative. The music school invites the public to a free event but asks everyone to bring a preparation to share whether it’s a pizza, a quiche or to stick at the moment, a galette…“I wanted to break the codes of a classical concert and offer a moment of sharing. The idea is that at the entrance we collect everything people bring, then we compose plates and share everything” , says the director. On the music side too, the codes are shattered since instead of a scene where the formations follow one another, the bias for this “diverse” cabaret is a dispersion of the different ensembles throughout the Salle Brassens.

“People are seated around round sharing tables and the orchestras are everywhere around them and string together the pieces.” However, musical formations, there will be many. No less than 8 musical ensembles are announced by the music school: 3 choirs (children, teenagers, adults), 1 ensemble of saxophones, 1 ensemble of clarinets, 1 string ensemble (violins and cellos) but also the harmony of the music school (trumpet, trombone, tuba, sax, clarinet, flute and percussion) and its junior equivalent will be at work.“The choice of the program is free, it is up to each teacher but it will be very varied and we remain on an original and traditional concept with popular music for all audiences rather than classical music”

insists Vincent Galas.

Small scoop: it is the ensemble (more than 7 instruments) of clarinets that will give the “La” to this return of the “various” cabaret. A musical cabaret that has continued to grow since the first notes played at the Salle Folquet and then at Castel.

The tribute to Joël Moysan rescheduled

Initially planned for the start of the school year, the tribute of several associations of the City, including the music school, to Joël Moysan, former cultural assistant of Claude Arnaud, could not be held due to bad weather.

It is now rescheduled on Saturday February 4, and will mobilize as planned, the music school, the association of Friends of the Médard museum, the association of Friends of the organ, the ATP, the association of the Lunel canal and the Chicuelo 2 group.

The evening will begin at Notre-Dame-du-Lac church with a concert by the Friends of the Organ (at 5 p.m.), then continue at 6 p.m., on the forecourt of the Médard museum with a concert by the harmony of the music school around a little mulled wine.

A brief aubade and musical visit to the Médard museum are scheduled for 6:45 p.m. before an official tribute with the Chicuelo 2 orchestra takes place in the Brassens room.

Also note an exhibition of paintings and photos by various artists, all day in Brassens.

The refreshment bar will be provided by the music school but at very affordable prices.

Lunel: the return of the great “various” cabaret of the municipal school of music, an unmissable event