Maria José Catalá visits the Official College of Commercial Agents of Valencia

VALENCIA (VP). The Official Association of Commercial Agents of Valencia thanks to Maria Jose Catala Already Carlos Mundina of Popular Group of Valencia for coming to the College to listen to the concerns that our group conveys to us and expose the threats that our profession is suffering. We have resorted to the aforementioned Popular Group, because at the time we requested a meeting with the Councilor for Mobility and received no response. We thank Maria José Catalá and Carlos Mundina for their interest and sensitivity in the issues that concern our Members.

Mobility Commercial Agents in the City of Valencia

We have been talking about mobility issues, for Commercial Agents mobility in Valencia is chaotic, we have transferred the discomfort of our members, who cannot carry out their work normally, since they cannot visit their clients in the center of Valencia.

Photo: COACV

Commercial Agents need to be able to circulate and park for a few minutes as close as possible to their clients’ shops, unload the samples and return to the vehicle to park it in the blue zone or in the nearest car park to later return to their clients and work with the samples. that you have previously downloaded.

It must be said that one of the reasons why shops in the center of Valencia are disappearing is because they are lagging behind with respect to shops in other towns, as they cannot be visited by Commercial Agents with news from their products.

Photo: COACV

Circulation in low emission zones

Another issue that worries our members is that the entry into force of the Climate Change Law does not allow them to circulate in the low emission zones that cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants will have, with the vehicles they usually use that carry the B label and C. They do not understand how they are not allowed to work.

This Law in our demarcation, in principle affects Valencia, Torrent, Gandía, Paterna and Sagunto. Alzira and Mislata, could also enter the list shortly.

Feria Valencia and Commercial Agents

Carlos Requena, President of the College, has also spoken with Maria José Catalá, about the legitimate claim, as founders of Valencia Fairwhich the College of Commercial Agents of Valencia has to continue on the Board of Directors of the new public company of Feria Valencia due to the College’s own merits.

The profession of Commercial Agent comes from the trade of Sample Commissioners. An outstanding group of sellers who were grouped at the beginning of the 20th century in the Guild of Sample Commissioners, later constituted in 1926 in a Public Law Corporation called the Official College of Commercial Agents of Valencia.

The name International Sample Fair comes precisely from the profession of Sample Commissioners who come together to organize a local exhibition in which the latest industrial, mercantile, agricultural and commercial innovations will be displayed. It was the year 1917 when the first Exhibitions of Feria Valencia began.

Commercial Agents have been ex officio members of the Fair Board since its inception.

All these issues have been transferred to Maria Jose Catalá and her municipal team of the Popular Party.

We appreciate the words that Maria José Catalá has written in the College’s Golden Book, appreciating the work that Commercial Agents do, favoring the economy of our city.

Maria José Catalá visits the Official College of Commercial Agents of Valencia