Marly: Marie Baudour wants to stimulate a new dynamic within the music school

The new director is a musician, singer and dancer. She has no shortage of projects.

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In her office in the former castle of the Counts of Hainaut, Marie Baudour seems to have made her mark. Young and ambitious, the new director of the music school makes a strong impression.

A self-taught father in organ, guitar, percussion, bagpipes, bombardes and recorder, a clarinettist and saxophonist mother, Marie Baudour joined the conservatory of Valenciennes, obtained prizes in piano and musical training and discovered percussion and the organ.

State graduate of Lille School of Music and Dance in 2012, Marie Baudour became a professor of artistic education with a specialty in musical training and teaching for nine years to Conservatory of Valenciennes.

In November 2022, challenge accepted: the management of the Marly music school. Objective: to bring music out of school and introduce it to new audiences.

Ideas and projects abound

Bridges with the schools of Marly will be set up to make children aware of the instruments. Partnerships with Marlysian cultural and artistic associations are being studied to develop joint projects.

From June 26 to 30, the invitation is launched! Open doors to discover the instruments, take part in workshops and meet the teachers. Musical training, piano, percussion, accordion, vocal techniques, guitar, contemporary music, transverse flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello. ” I want to put the students in the position of artists as much as possible. Our objective with Laurence Morel, cultural assistant, is to create a cultural and artistic third place with music, dance, theater, a toy library, a library, a computer room, a performance hall »

“Pocket Concerts”

The training course is rearranged with a single exam per cycle (one cycle lasting three to five years) in order to devote as much time as possible to the preparation of “pocket concerts” allowing students to be on stage and play together. Pupils aged seven to twelve will also join the choir Les Petits Chanteurs, as part of their musical training. Marie Baudour wants to offer her 200 students a quality education where passion rhymes with rigour, pleasure with high standards.

And, now, a chef!

I have the chance to work and to be supported by a team of thirteen passionate teachers who want to move the lines to make the school evolve. We have just recruited a new cello teacher and we are looking for an instrumental ensembles teacher adds Marie Baudour.

Next step for the municipality: recruit a conductor.


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Marly: Marie Baudour wants to stimulate a new dynamic within the music school