Maturity 2023, students in protest against Valditara: “You always only take steps backwards, school closed to dialogue”

There High School Student Network keep attacking the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara. This time the crux of the matter is the how the 2023 high school exam will take place, as was decided by the ministry at the end of last December.

L’state exam, this year, will essentially be the same as the period prior to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic: therefore, the three external teachers are back; two writings with the traces decided by Viale Trastevere, the final multidisciplinary interview; the maximum 60 points deriving from the final tests and the 40 deriving from the grade point average and from the experiences carried out in the last three years. But most of all the Invalsi tests are back, which become a requirement for admission to the testsas decided in 2017.

This decision did not go down well with many parties, including the student association, which tomorrow, January 13, will make its voice heard with a protest in front of the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Merit: “An unacceptable choice, a real return to the past in the face of which students are ready to mobilize” – he declared Paolo Notarnicola, coordinator of the High School Students Network.

Back to the past after the pandemic

This was expected innovations which, according to him, have not arrived: “The pandemic has upset the lives of each of us. For this reason, the exit from the distance learning phase had to coincide with new tools, new paths capable of stimulating students, a new school model. Unfortunately this did not happen”.

And here is yet another attack on the modus operandi of Valditara and the controversies that have arisen regarding some of his statements: “The Minister always seems to only take steps backwards: by proposing an education based on humiliation, a ‘pacified’ school without dialogue with the students, an exam incapable of correctly evaluate their path”.

“We will be in front of the MIUR, tomorrow, January 13, from 3.00 pm, to protest against the model of the School of Merit of Minister Valditara. To protest against a state exam which is a true return to the past. To make our voice heard and ask for a new school model. At the same time we will be in front of schools with banners, flashmobs and assemblies throughout the country, so that the institutions can give us clear answers. This exam is a return to the past, let’s invent the future!”, he concluded Notarnicola.

Valditara’s lawsuit

There Milan student networkjust yesterday, he staged a protest against the Inail headquarters, after the decision to deny compensation to the family of Giuliano De Setathe young man who died during his journey of school-work alternation. Red paint (symbol of the blood shed by victims at work) on the institution’s license plate and the words “Shame” on the asphalt.

“The three deaths that occur every day at work are not white deaths, but have very specific mandates: from Confindustria to Mario Draghi, from Inail to Valditara, plugs – declared the students – which make up the mosaic of a system now more than ever a slave to profit and completely uninterested in the human capital used to generate it”. Faced with these sentences the minister immediately had a statement published in which he announced his intention to sue those responsible.

Maturity 2023, students in protest against Valditara: “You always only take steps backwards, school closed to dialogue”