Mediterranean students leave school two hours earlier as a form of protest against the heat in the classrooms

A high number of students Mediterranean Public School, from the first of Infant to the sixth of Primary, has left this Tuesday at 12:00 noon from the educational center, two hours before what constitutes the usual school hours, as a protest measure by the parents of this center when the air conditioning does not work that was installed in the center, but that “does not work” according to the convening families “when we are in the middle of a heat wave”.

Ana Belén Bragado, mother of a student and delegate of the fifth grade class, pointed out that “andn her daughter’s class, temperatures of up to 37 degrees are recorded, when they shouldn’t exceed 28″. Like other mothers, fathers and grandparents, who gathered at the doors of the school, Ana Belén criticized that the air conditioning does work in the head of studies and the dining room, but not in the classes and “so we’ve been waiting six years now“. Rafael, a student at the school, pointed out that “since 12:00 we are already sweating. Even more so when we return at 12:30 pm from recess and on top of that they tell us that in the sixth A course it is worse and that we are lucky”.

One of the school gates, full of fathers, mothers and grandparents waiting for the children. MANUEL MURILLO

For her part, María Saborido, delegate of second C in this school, indicated that “fortunately por now there have been no serious consequences due to these very high temperatures, Well, other years we have had fainting spells and other health effects. We have been forced to make this protest, despite the fact that we are aware that it is a problem because not all fathers or mothers can take their children out at 12 noon for work or other reasons”. In fact, the children who have wanted to continue in the classroom that is how they have been able to do so and those who have left have done so after their parents authorized it.

Lola Ballo, another mother who has also picked up her children from school, explained that “it is not acceptable that the machines are installed and that they do not work because the electrical installation, being 50 years old, cannot withstand it”. “In a city like Córdoba, you cannot wait until May 18 to test if the air conditioning works, in addition to the fear that we have that a short circuit could occur,” she added.

Response of the City Council of Córdoba

Regarding the position of the families of students of the Mediterranean schoolthe Councilor for Infrastructures of the City Council of Córdoba, Antonio Álvarez, has denied this Tuesday that the air conditioning of the Mediterranean school does not work, but he did confirm the existence of a fault in a submachine that depends on the two large cooling machines that allow the air conditioning to work in the center. According to Álvarez, this breakdown is what causes the air in a school classroom to not work well, so “as soon as the missing piece arrives, the remaining classroom will be covered.”

On the situation in other educational centers, the Councilor for Infrastructures has specified that This Tuesday the air conditioning of the Fernán Pérez de Oliva school and the La Paz school has been put into operation and he has remembered that the Juan de Mena school has already been set up, so there are ten centers that are already operating”. Antonio Álvarez added that we have 9 schools left, including the Abderraman, which, in turn, is waiting for a piece that had been requested for the adaptation of electrical power, for which reason it has advanced that in the next few days it should be solved. However, Álvarez has stressed that the San Lorenzo school will take a while to be able to use the air conditioning, until the problem of the electrical power that the school had contracted and that it needs to start up the air conditioning has not been resolved.

On the other hand, this councilor added that “we hope that throughout this week and the next week the air conditioning will be completed in the Duque de Rivas, Concepción Arenal, Mirasierra, Eduardo Lucena, Antonio Gala, Santuario and Pedagogo García Navarro schools. “.

Mediterranean students leave school two hours earlier as a form of protest against the heat in the classrooms