Miscellaneous – Suspecting a sexual assault on his son at school, he tries to take justice into his own hands

Since Tuesday January 24, 2023, a father whose son is educated in the middle section at the Saint-Denis-lès-Sens nursery school, has been protesting against the reinstatement of a versatile municipal agent whom he suspects of sexual assault. on her child. Panel in hand, he directly challenges the police, the town hall and the justice system, believing that “nothing is moving”.

The case began shortly after the start of the school year in September 2022. “My son no longer wanted to go to school. He was crying and was totally panicked when he saw the agent in question”, he explains, reached by telephone. , this Wednesday, January 25, 2023. After having broached the subject in vain, on several occasions, with their child, the parents would have obtained answers on the evening of October 6, 2022. “At bedtime, my son told my wife : “He put a finger in my ass and told me not to tell mom.”

A second complaint was filed

“For us, it’s clear. What my son says, I believe him. We’ve always protected him from violent scenes on TV or otherwise, I don’t see why he would invent that.” Still according to the father, “the facts would have happened in the school classroom”. According to our information, a second complaint would have been filed by another family, denouncing similar acts committed on another schoolboy. It would also target the municipal agent.

Following the supposed revelations of their child, the father of the family, a real estate agent, decided to go to the home of the one he considers to be the alleged aggressor of his son, to “give him a beating”, explains- Does it seamlessly. “I knocked on the door. I explained the facts to his father. And he came down. I recognize the facts”, assumes the father of the family, without giving more details on the nature of the blows.

“It’s a human reaction. The victim is not him. It’s my son!”

The father of the family

According to a source familiar with the matter, the approach had everything of a punitive expedition. The father was reportedly accompanied by two other relatives.

Fourniret case: in the Yonne, the last chance excavations yielded nothing

It was only the day after the events that the father, a real estate agent in the Sénonais, filed a complaint. “We were heard the same day by the investigators, he confirms. The following week, my son went for medical expertise in Fontainebleau. He saw a psychologist.” Since then, he claims to have had no further news. “Today, I can no longer send my child to school. I simply ask that this alleged attacker be removed from his workplace while the investigation is carried out.”

The municipal agent has been reassigned

The municipal employee, targeted by the father’s claims and in office for fifteen years, filed a complaint for the violence suffered. He was suspended on a provisional basis for four months. According to our information, he would have been reassigned during the last school holidays to the green spaces department, without contact with the children. Contacted this Wednesday, January 25, Mayor Alexandre Bouchier did not want to comment on the case.

“If the facts are proven, it is extremely serious and I will assume my responsibilities. But there is an ongoing investigation. And the case is much more complex than it seems.”

Alexandre Boucher (Mayor of Saint-Denis-lès-Sens)

The Sens prosecutor’s office confirmed that a double procedure had been launched: one concerning the acts of sexual assault denounced by the father of the family and the second for the violence exerted by the latter on the alleged aggressor of his son. The investigations are continuing. New hearings should be held soon. Contacted, the academic director of the national education services of Yonne has not yet responded to our requests.

Thomas Ribierre

Miscellaneous – Suspecting a sexual assault on his son at school, he tries to take justice into his own hands