Montpellier: MBS is progressing in the national ranking of the best business schools

The international, one of the big strengths of the Montpellier school. (©MBS)

Montpellier Business School moved up two places in the reference ranking published by The Student this Thursday, January 5. From 13th place in 2022, the Montpellier business school moves up to 11th.

This ranking, which is the result of a comparative study taking into account some sixty criteria and the testimonies of students, is eagerly awaited every year by academic and student circles. This year, the great Parisian schools once again dominate this ranking with, in order, the unbeatable HEC (1st), ESSEC (2nd) and ESCP (3rd).

Environmental and societal commitment rewarded

This progression for the Montpellier school is explained by several criteria taken into account. According to The Student, Montpellier Business School stands out for its approach to sustainable development and obtaining the (rare) DD&RS label, which evaluates the concrete actions implemented within higher education establishments in terms of sustainable development and social responsibility. Obtaining this label allowed MBS to be enhanced by 1 point in the context of this L’Étudiant ranking.

MBS deploys new educational systems every year, such as the opening of the course ofExcellence Act For Change, to develop student leadership in terms of social and environmental transition. This approach will be further perfected by the construction of the future eco-campus in the Cambacérès district.

International network

“Another strong point of the school in this list is the international reputation of MBS, which is based on its network of partner universities and on its performance in the benchmark rankings of the Financial Times and Shanghai”, reacted the Montpellier school to justify this progression. Partnerships with other schools abroad were particularly looked at by the authors of this ranking because they bring another skill and improve the employability of future graduates.

Finally, one of the major strengths of MBS retained in this ranking is the feedback from the students themselves. Indeed, “Montpellier Business School records good results in terms of graduate satisfaction, with in particular a score of 4.79/5 for satisfaction with the school’s social diversity, a key element of MBS’s DNA”, says MBS.

“This result directly echoes all our actions to guarantee social openness in Grande Ecole. In concrete terms, MBS’s equal opportunities policy means more than 1,600 work-study students at the start of the 2022 school year exempt from tuition fees and more of 120 scholarships deployed each year by the school.”

Bruno DucasseManaging Director of MBS

Points to improve

In view of the criteria used, Montpellier Business School still has avenues for work to enter the top 10 next year. The professional integration of young graduates is still the point to improve for the Montpellier school which obtains the mark of 5/10. By way of comparison, the Nantes campus of Audencia Atlantic, ranked 9th, peaks at 8/10 in this area. Even if the rate measuring the number of graduates in employment shows a remarkable score (99.21%), it is indeed the level of salary upon leaving for graduates that is lacking in Montpellier since it is located between €36,800 and €40,400. At HEC, this average salary exceeds €52,000!

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Proximity to companies is also one of the criteria where MBS still falls short, in particular because of the average duration of professional internships and the offer presented during the company forum, a day organized by the school during which partner companies come directly on campus to meet students.

Find the complete ranking on the L’Etudiant website.

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Montpellier: MBS is progressing in the national ranking of the best business schools