Nantes vineyard. In this town, the two schools are wondering about the return to the 4

At Maisdon-sur-Sèvre public school, an extraordinary school council met on Thursday January 26 to decide whether or not to change school timetables. For 2023, it will not change, but the time will be taken to re-examine the question further for September 2024. ©Jules’ parents

Established in 2013, the week at 4.5 school days with the possibility since 2017 to postpone ithas been at the center of discussions over the past two weeks in the municipality of Maisdon-sur-Sevre (Nantes vineyard). Whether at theJules Verne public school or at theSaint Anne private schooleach institution ultimately decided to do not change school timetables. At least for the moment.

Parents of the public consulted

On the side of Jules Verne, the question had been raised during the 1er school council in November 2022. But theparents’ association did not think she was going to be caught up with the subject so quickly, the last questionnaire having been carried out two years ago.

All public school parents were contacted through a survey on Friday January 20, 2023, with a very short time 5 days to respond. There were 162 voters, “which is a good score given the delay”, according to Aurélie, the referent of the Parents of Jules section.

Tight results

The survey results showed that the question is still open and that no choice really stands out: 53.7% for 4.5 days and 46.3% for 4 days.

For Emmanuel Alliaume, the School principal Jules Verne :

The extraordinary school council which met this Thursday, January 26 gave rise to interesting discussions on this always complex, thorny and fascinating subject of school rhythms and collateral issues.

the school council vote was like the poll, very tight, with even perfect equality votes.

Revisit the subject for 2024

In the end, it was decided to keep pace at 4.5 days for the return of September 2023. The timing was decidedly too short to make another decision, which involves significant structural changes.

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It will therefore be a question in the weeks to come, of raising the last questions as to the question of the transportationof the hours and costs that a change in school rhythms would generate to consider again an evolution for the start of the school year in September 2024.

The private school aligns

On the side of the Sainte-Anne school, the reflection was launched at the start of the school year in September 2022. It is one of the only private schools in the sector which has not increased to 4 days. Here, no poll was carried out with the parents, but a information meeting took place on Monday, January 30. Finally, the choice was made to align with public schooland therefore of do not change school timetables for the start of the 2023 school year. Firstly because consensus is not so easy to find, and also because the municipality had announced that it would not open recreation Center on Wednesday morning that if the two schools went to 4 days.

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Nantes vineyard. In this town, the two schools are wondering about the return to the 4-day week