No more amendments for the extraordinary contest bis, serious recruitment is needed. The request of the “Precarious United for School” Committee

We receive and publish the press release of the “Precarious United for School” Committee, which proposes to proceed with a serious recruitment for teachers and not to propose interventions on the extraordinary competition bis.

Following the presentation of some amendment proposals to the Milleproroghe Decree, again aimed at modifying the extraordinary school competition bis, the “Precarious United for School” Committee, which brings together a large group of precarious and suitable teachers of secondary school competition procedures , reiterates its clear opposition to the requests for modification of the “extraordinary bis” competition, put forward in politics by a minority of precarious teachers enrolled in this competition, or the establishment of a merit ranking list for ALL participants and from which to draw in future years for placements in the role and access to a qualifying course of only 5 credits.

The Committee strongly opposes these changes since their introduction would allow the qualification to the profession of teacher and the subsequent recruitment without respecting merit-based principles and without an effective selection, but rather for the mere fact of having registered in a competitive procedure and presented before a Commission, regardless of the outcome of the test supported.

It should be remembered that the original announcement of the “extraordinary bis” competition does not provide for qualification or eligibility rankings for those who are not winners, having been designed as a competition procedure to fill only places left uncovered by previous competitions, nor is there a minimum eligibility mark , that is to say that ALL candidates, by virtue of the changes, would be included in the school system, precisely, only for having registered and presented themselves before a Commission.

And what about legal certainty?

Many teachers have been victims of the continuous changes in the rules governing competitions, with closed tenders, by successive governments, therefore the lack of legal certainty is no longer acceptable.

The requests for modification of the aforementioned Competition by the registered participants were taken into consideration, starting from the month of August 2022, by representatives of the Brothers of Italy, until they became the object of formulation of repeated amendments to some Decree Laws, to which the Committee has firmly opposed it and so far their approvals have been avoided.

The amendments were first presented, in the last legislature, to the Aid Decree n. 115/2022 by the senators of the Brothers of Italy, IANNONE, CALANDRINI, DE CARLO, DE BERTOLDI, and again later, in the current legislature, with the Decree Aiuti quater n. 176/2022 by the senators, also on this occasion of Fratelli d’Italia, BUCALO, IANNONE, MARCHESCHI, GELMETTI, AMBROGIO, MENNUNI, NOCCO, both aimed at modifying the competition in question in the sense indicated above and always bearing the same request, or the inclusion in the rankings of merit of all the participants in the “extraordinary bis” Competition and that these rankings are used annually, for the purpose of entering the role and until they are exhausted.

The latest amendment was converted into an Agenda of the Senate, containing a mere invitation to the Government to evaluate the opportunity to include a series of changes to the “extraordinary bis” competition in the next useful measure.

Despite this, further attempts are being made these days aimed at having the usual amendments aimed at establishing exhaustive merit rankings for those registered in this competition also included in the Milleproroghe Decree.

The requests of the members and the related amendments, if accepted, would change the form and substance of the requirements and methods of the announcement, causing real discrimination against temporary workers who were unable to register for the “extraordinary bis” competition or would have registered due to of the new conditions that are intended to be applied, as well as damage to the suitable competitors of the various ordinary competitions, some of which were previously banned and still in progress.

Making those rankings exhausted also appears to be in contradiction with the intention of enhancing merit expressed by the Minister Prof. Giuseppe Valditara, even enclosed in the new denomination of the Ministry of Education and “Merit”.

The Committee, therefore, will work at any venue to ensure that the announcement of the “extraordinary bis” competition is not modified and will continue to oppose further future re-propositions of amendments that have the purpose of establishing merit rankings of candidates who have not faced selection procedures.

There are alternative methods of recruitment that have nothing to do with unfounded and harmful changes to a call for tenders, but which instead look at the concrete opportunity to absorb the precarious job on which the Committee has already had the opportunity to express itself, also by formulating its own fair proposals and inclusive that allow the start of a selective, albeit simplified, path for three-year precarious workers.

Lastly, the Committee expresses its approval of the hypotheses that are being examined these days in the ministerial seat, aimed at stabilizing precarious teachers on the subject through the system of a double channel of structural recruitment which provides for training, final exam, qualification and subsequently hiring.

No more amendments for the extraordinary contest bis, serious recruitment is needed. The request of the “Precarious United for School” Committee – Horizon School News