Ordinary school competition 2023 for 89 places: requirements, tests and how to apply

The notice for the new ordinary school competition 2023 for 89 seats was published in Official Gazette of 10 January 2023.

More specifically, it is a school competition for places common and of support in primary and secondary school.

The school competition, however, provides gods requirements stringent to participate and in fact the 89 places will be occupied in secondary schools with Slovenian language of instruction And Slovenian-Italian bilingual of the Friuli Venezia Giulia. Therefore, aspiring teachers will also have to know the Slovenian language.

The competition, which allows you to obtain the role, is just one of the many ways to become teachers, where it is still possible to enter the world of school as alternates. Now let’s see what the requirements are, evidence And how to apply in the ordinary school competition by the deadline of February 9, 2023.

Ordinary school competition 2023 for 89 places: requirements

The first ordinary school competition of 2023 is banned on regional basis. Teachers will go to work in first and second grade secondary schools, middle and high schoolof Friuli, occupying the 89 places that are expected to remain vacant and available, as stated in the text in the Official Gazette, for the two-year period 2022/2023, 2023/2024. The places for the common post are divided into different classes of competition as can be seen from the notice attached below.

Teachers possessing the following can participate in the ordinary school competition requirements:

  • specific qualification on the competition class or similar qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation;
  • a master’s degree or single-cycle, or a II level diploma in advanced artistic, musical and dance training, or an equivalent or equivalent qualification, consistent with the competition classes in force on the date of the announcement of the competition or an analogous qualification obtained abroad and recognized in Italy in accordance with current legislation;
  • 24 Credits/Cfa, acquired in a curricular, additional or extra-curricular form in the anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies, guaranteeing in any case the possession of at least six credits in each of at least three of the following four disciplinary fields: pedagogy, special pedagogy and teaching of ‘inclusion; psychology; anthropology; teaching methodologies and technologies.

For teachers already in possession of the qualification, the requirement of 24 credits does not apply. In addition to the above requisites, those who participate in the school competition for support positions must also possess the relative specialization on the specific degree achieved on the basis of current legislation.

Ordinary school competition 2023 in Friuli: tests and how to apply

The ordinary school competition 2023 in Fiuli foresees two tests: one written it’s a oral. The written test of the school competition consists of 6 questions aimed at ascertaining disciplinary and didactic-methodological knowledge and skills in relation to the disciplines being taught, divided as follows:

  • for common places, 4 questions separate for each competition class open answer, aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s skills and knowledge relating to the teaching of the disciplines pertaining to the competition class itself, as well as on the methodologies and techniques of general and disciplinary teaching. The questions concern the programs envisaged by the Ministry;
  • for support posts, 4 questions open-ended questions relating to the teaching methodologies to be applied to the various types of disabilities, aimed at assessing the knowledge of the contents and procedures aimed at the school inclusion of pupils with disabilities. The questions concern the programs envisaged by Annex A to the ministerial decree of 9 November 2021, n. 326;
  • for common and support posts, a questionconsisting of a text in English followed by 5 questions comprehension tests with short open answers aimed at verifying the ability to understand texts at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;
  • for the common and support posts, a question about digital skills composed of 5 questions multiple-choice answers related to the educational use of the most effective multimedia electronic technologies and devices to enhance the quality of learning.

The written test is evaluated on a maximum of 100 points and is passed by those who achieve the minimum score of 70 points. Those who have passed the written test will have access to the oral exam.

For details on the test and the various phases of the 2023 ordinary school competition, please refer, as anticipated, to the notice.

We remind you that the application for the school competition can be sent for only one competition class, separately for the first and second grade secondary school, as well as for the lists and related support procedures. Even if you compete for several procedures, the application is single.

Candidates for the school competition must therefore complete the template published on dedicated page of the website of the regional school office of Fiuli-Venezia Giulia and the same must be signed by the candidate with graphic digital signature or with handwritten signature.

The application must be sent from the personal certified e-mail address of the candidate to the competition to the following Pec address: drfr@postacert.istruzione.it and by 11.59 pm on 9 February 2023. The e-mail must include the following subject: «Competition for Slovenian secondary schools». Aspiring teachers must also attach the photocopy of an identity document.

Ordinary school competition 2023
Announcement for the 2023 ordinary school competition of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region.

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Ordinary school competition 2023 for 89 places: requirements, tests and how to apply