Portuguese | Young man murders messenger from the Bar Association


Guanare.- Consternation has caused in Guanare, capital of the Portuguesa statethe stoned murder of a sexagenarian, who worked as a messenger for the regional Bar Association, at its main headquarters.

The victim, identified as Carlos Ramón Muñoz Montaña, and affectionately known by his family and friends as “Carlitos”, received multiple blows to the face and head with two large stones.

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What has caused the most impact is that the alleged murderer, a 24-year-old young man, told the authorities, after being captured and confessing to the crime, that it was by “an order from beyond.” The man claimed that Muñoz Montaña used witchcraft on him.

The crime occurred in the early morning hours, according to the police minutes of the case. It was in the house that they both shared and that is located in the Las Flores neighborhood of the Portuguese capital.

Authorities identified the person allegedly responsible for the murder as Alexander de Jesús Infante Vargas. The young man gave “Carlitos” multiple blows to the head and face. accusing him of having “cast a witchcraft” on him. He said so to the investigations of the Coordination of Crimes Against People of the Cicpc, Guanare municipal delegation, at the time he was questioned after his arrest.

The crime was notified to the authorities by residents of the area who heard the complaints of Muñoz Montaña. When police officers They arrived at the site, he was already lifeless.

Law professionals repudiated the crime and deeply regretted the death of “Carlitos”, assuring that he was a good and helpful person.

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«Victim of the insecurity that prevails everywhere, we must participate in the death of Carlitos Muñoz, who for more than 40 years collaborated with his effort and dedication in the Portuguesa Bar Association in various areas”, shared the lawyer Freddy Escalona Rangel.

Likewise, it was reported that the remains of Muñoz Montaña will be veiled at the same headquarters of the Guanare Bar Association, in the Curaçao neighborhood.

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Mariangel Moro Colmenarezevents

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Portuguese | Young man murders messenger from the Bar Association