Professor found dead at home by her son: an entire school in shock

AND’ dead suddenly the professor Rossella Verrienti64 years old, of Castromedian (Lecce), a life spent for the school and the human and educational care of his dear pupils. At the helm of the San Cesario-San Donato complex for about twelve years, the manager left an unfillable void in all those who knew her and appreciated her talents. Just a few days ago she had attended a concert with some friends, smiling, engaged in social work and always willing to get involved.

Found dead by her son

To find her at her home in Castromediano yesterday morning, when there was nothing left to do, the son. Of her To take her away from the affection of her loved ones, colleagues and friends of her probably an illness that left her no way out. Many messages of condolences and thoughts, memories that are following one another in these hours.

Condolence messages

“The manager, Dr. Rossella Verrienti – comments the mayor of San Donato Alessandro Quarta – has led our school with sacrifice and abnegation over many years, achieving important results. The city council joins the pain that has affected the family and the whole school world “.

Even the mayor of San Cesario, Giuseppe Distante, remembers the manager as “a respectable and capable person, willing to find any solution in the main interest of the boys and his school. The entire city council expresses its deepest condolences to the family, in the certainty that the community of San Cesario will always remember it with affection, esteem and gratitude ”he concludes.

“We learn with enormous regret of the untimely death of Prof. Rossella Verrienti – they write from the Associazione Cantiere Democratico – who has been a school manager for many years and a point of reference for the students and families of our community. Our association expresses its deepest condolences to her family and to all the staff and teaching staff of the Comprehensive Institute of San Cesario-San Donato ”.

The director of the Centro Danza e Teatro Emiliana Mariano extends a thought of thanks to the manager Verrienti, “for the attention she has always had towards our reality (our long post-show chats will remain in my memory, to which she often gave me the honor to participate) and as a mother and educator for having dedicated her life to our children, with the strengths and weaknesses of her temperament and for having brought our school community to very high levels recognized throughout the province”. The funeral of Professor Verrienti will take place this afternoon at 4 pm in the church of Castromediano.

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Professor found dead at home by her son: an entire school in shock