Recruitment, drop in level: the School in crisis

According to a study by the Ministry of National Education conducted 4 times since 1987, the level of spelling continues to fall among French students. Results that do not surprise Cécile Chabaud, French teacher in college and author of “What do you do in life? Prof!” Archipel editions : “The level has been falling for a long time. But it’s our fault. The students fall but we are asked to sit on the ground with them. We have French textbooks of distressing poverty. She goes further and asserts that one “insults the intelligence of the students. I was talking to a science teacher who told me it was so simplified that it happens to be wrong.

So who is to blame ? First to reforms that are too “benevolent and unfair” : “Those who make reforms for public schools by simplifying content, which ask us not to sanction spellingto have a benevolent rating, these people will put their children in private with old-fashioned methods”.

But that doesn’t explain everything: The children are no longer the same. There is a disastrous mark on screens and knowledge, we are no longer the sacrosanct people who hold knowledge. It is the Internet today that has the knowledge, in any case that is what the students say to themselves. It’s a social problem.

In our podcast, Cécile Chabaud returns to what parents can do at home to help children.

Perhaps another explanation for this drop in level: difficulty in recruiting teachers. Gérard Longuet, Senator for the Meuse and author of a report on school educationtells us more: “We put money in but we don’t get a lot of results. It is difficult to recruit teachers todayespecially in mathematics and language”.

And it’s not just a salary issue: “It’s a global problem. Germany pays much better than us, Switzerland too, Spain too: they still have recruitment problems. We have the feeling that professions in contact with children or young people are much less exciting”.

Among the problems: trade competition and housing. The senator explains: When you have a math license you can be a teacher or a computer scientist. When you have a Greek license, you can teach Greek. If we don’t take this difference into account, it will be a problem. If we pay everyone at the same level, some specialties will not be provided“. So there is also the problem of housing, he explains everything to you in our podcast.

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Recruitment, drop in level: the School in crisis