Residual delays and many snowballs at the entrance of schools in Pamplona

A perfectly controlled chaos. The snowfall that has stained the dawn of Pamplona this Thursday has brought with it the common headaches for families, teachers and school bus drivers. The students, despite being the ones affected, were perhaps the happiest who arrived at their destination.

Snowballs everywhere on snow-packed playgrounds and playgrounds. pristine to pick up and serve the opponent’s body on a tray. Perhaps for this reason, because it is not too serious, the incidents were reserved at a second level. The delays that lived in the educational centers of the capital were barely residual. “The expected of moments like this”, they certified in each other.

And as they say, for example, a button. In the ikastola hegoladefor example, they strove to cast go out to avoid slips and falls at the school gate. “People have come with well in advance and many children were seen equipped with snow clothes”, commented the families. There were many, as in so many other schools, who decided to go on foot; decision which notably freed the usual ‘mess’ of parking. “I have parked where I wanted,” joked one of the mothers.

In maristsfor example, they barely commented on slight delays in school bus lines, as well as the usual trickle of students and teachers. “They are arriving, yes”, they affirmed from the educational center.

A perception similar to the one they shared in eThe Luis Amigó school. “The usual madness of arriving when you can, but nothing out of the expected“, they insisted from the educational center. By the time the minors arrived, the accesses, especially those in the Benjamin area (Infant Education) they had cleared completely. “We have tried to ensure that no one falls,” said the teachers. teachers who They even arrived more than half an hour in advance.. “Today is the day to help,” they declared at the school gates.

As for the San Jorge neighborhood, in the public school the conversation followed similar paths. “Minor incidents, delays in school transport, parents arriving a little late… normal, wow”, they considered. “Some slips have been seen, but less because we have also cleaned the accesses”, they added.

Finally, and in a similar vein, from school Jesuits of Pamplona emphasized the sarriguren Jam, which caused many of the students to arrive late at the educational center. “The roundabout is dangerous when it snows,” they warned, making it clear that the snowfall had not brought major consequences. “Better,” they mused. “It has been a bit crazy to open the accesses for the students and clean everything of snowbut always a long time ago”, they valued from Jesuits.

A team that, for the better, only leaves jokes and hours of conversation among those who, now, breathe easy thinking about whether the snowfall will continue to leave beautiful prints to enjoy throughout the weekend.

Residual delays and many snowballs at the entrance of schools in Pamplona