School. Grazzanise (Caserta), Sunday 8 January inauguration of the citizen committee “ANSI Grazzanise”

Caserta. A few more days and a new point of will arise in Grazzanise (CE). cultural reference: it is about the ANSI Grazzanise citizen committee What will be inaugurated on Sunday 8 January from 10:30 and what will be chaired by Dr. Elena Coppola, former certified online trainer and tutor. The committee has already stipulated agreements and recognitions with three important telematic universities such as Pegasus, Mercatorum University and San Raffaele University.

ANSI – National Association of Italian Schools – founded in 1946 by the philosopher, theologian and educator Giuseppe Giampietro, is a cultural association established as a moral institution in 1949 (Presidential Decree March 21, 1949, n. 216, published in the GU n. 114 of 05/18/1949). Based on the art. 5 of Legislative Decree n. 460 is classified as non-profit organization of an associative type.

ANSI is made up of approximately 10,000 members and is divided into local groups and committees present throughout the national territory.

ANSI has the following statutory purposes:

  • foster collaboration between school and family, also with the strengthening of moments of collective management of educational institutions;
  • promote the training and updating of teachers and all school staff;
  • spread the values ​​of solidarity, peace, life, study, work, responsibility and the family in schools and in society;
  • support the implementation of an integrated European school system, based on the principles of pluralism, autonomy and participation;
  • contribute to the study and resolution of problems of youth discomfort, cultural integration and disabled people.

In addition to numerous texts concerning the sciences of education (Collana Miliaria), ANSI also publishes a quarterly magazine specialized in scholastic and educational problems.

Furthermore, ANSI also operates internationally, as mentioned in Article 24 of the Statute:

ANSI maintains regular relations with similar foreign associations and promotes a stable agreement between them for the better achievement of the common goal, according to Christian principles, for the benefit of the whole human family. ANSI cultivates its pro-European vocation by participating in the initiatives that the international community promotes in the areas in which it operates. For the realization of the intentions referred to in this article, ANSI can provide for and implement the affiliation to community and non-community bodies in the sector”.

After a careful study on the evolution of distance learning, highlighted by a constant growth in supply and demand in the training sector, the Association has identified e-learning teaching as a privileged field of activity and innovative methodology, well suited for its elements of flexibility and modularity to the training of adults, including school staff.

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School. Grazzanise (Caserta), Sunday 8 January inauguration of the citizen committee “ANSI Grazzanise”