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School, here’s how it changes maturity 2023. From next June you can access the high school exam with theI became established and the graduates will have to face two written tests nationally standardized and a multidisciplinary oral exam. The new exams are directed by the Minister of Education Giuseppe Valditara, who has restored many of the rules that were in force in the period preceding the pandemic and dating back to the then Minister of Education, Valeria Fedeli. The last two ministers, Lucia Azzolina and Patrizio Bianchi, after Marco Bussetti and Lorenzo Fioramonti, had to change the rules due to the distancing imposed by Covid. The new minister Valditara has already sent the letter circular to the school to inform them of the rules to follow for final exams of the 2022-2023 school year for the 470,000 students who are expected to face the final exams.

Maturity school 2023: here are the new rules for accessing exams

The first rule to follow for admission to the 2022 high school exams is that of attendance at school. Students must have accumulated a total of hours during the school year equal to at least three quarters of that done in class. Furthermore, access is also subject to the vote and the achievement of the sufficiency (grade 6) in all subjects, including conduct. With a “5” it is the class council that decides whether to be admitted or not, with justification. The absolute novelty of the new exam is having participated in the Invalsi tests in the subjects of Italian, Mathematics and English. It will not be considered for the purpose of graduationschool-work alternation: the “Milleproroghe” decree of the government of Giorgia Meloni, in fact, excluded it and in the circular that the Ministry of Education sent to the schools it is explained that, due to the pandemic, in “some cases the hourly target was not reached expected” of the 210 hours in the last three years of the professional institutes, of the 150 hours in the technical institutes and of the 90 hours in the high schools.

Two written tests and an oral exam in 2023

The written tests of the 2023 high school diploma will consist of an exam of Italian, common to all courses, to be carried out in the same way for all (six hours of duration and students’ choice of one of the seven proposed tracks). The tracks are transversal to all institutes and may vary from artistic to literary topics, from historical to philosophical and scientific, from technological to economic and social. There second try, and it is new, it is chosen by the ministry by means of a decree to be published by the end of this month, rather than by the commissions as happened last year. The same commissions they go back to pre-Covid exam composition. Therefore, there will be an external president of the school, three internal members and three external members, the latter appointed next May. L’oral examination it will consist of the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary interview. There will be no term papers allowed during the pandemic years. The student will have to examine and analyze texts, documents, problems and experiences with connections developed in a critical way, also using foreign languages. Even if irrelevant for the purposes of admission to the high school exams, the student can present a report or a paper at the end of the training course on the school-work alternation. Finally, the final vote will be expressed in cents, but school credit will once again have the limit of 40 points (instead of 60 in the Covid period). The other 60 points will have to mature thanks to the written and oral tests (the minimum to pass the high school diploma is 60 points).

School, how the 2023 high school diploma changes • TAG24 high school 2023