School in Campania, seven out of ten buildings without a static test certificate

NoonJanuary 19, 2023 – 07:52

Legambiente report: 80% are not usable and almost all those in the seismic area are not compliant

Of Angel Agrippa

These are the numbers of the Campanian school, the one that awaits the messianic generosity of the Pnrr to hope for resurrection, but which for now is humiliated by the rustle of a weather forecast, revealing all its irreparable structural fragility. Legambiente puts its finger in the wound and comes to terms with the building vulnerability of regional education. In Campania – explains the report – seven out of ten buildings do not yet have the static test certificate (70%). Eight out of ten lack that of usability (82%). While the situation for fire prevention is better (57%). For school buildings located in seismic zone 1 here is another slap in the face: they are 19%, none of these are designed or suitable for the technical anti-seismic construction regulations, while those in seismic zone 2 are 80%, here too none designed or appropriate to the legislation. On the extraordinary maintenance front, 60% of the buildings have been repaired in the last 5 years, however it has not been possible to satisfy all the needs given that 66% require urgent interventions.

Little security

Legambiente, with the XXII edition of Ecosistema Scuola, accuses that security does not yet live in schools in Campania: and refers to the 2021 data on the state of health of 99 school buildings in three provincial capitals (Avellino-Benevento and Salerno) – including kindergarten, primary and lower secondary schools – attended by a population of over 20 thousand students . But precisely, the funds of the recovery and resilience plan are awaited: There will be 216 new schools envisaged by the Pnrr, financed with 1 billion and 189 million of which 42.4% destined for the South, with the aim of having more innovative, sustainable, safe and inclusive complexes – comments Francesca Ferro, director of Legambiente Campania -. The big issue remains the widespread quality of schools which, from the privileged observatory of the 22 years of our survey, see few and slow improvements that risk, in the absence of widespread and rapid interventions, of never overcoming the chronic state of emergency. The cost of energy, which has entered the field forcefully in recent years, makes the historic question of making school buildings more efficient even more urgent.

Diagnostic investigations

According to the Legambiente survey, there is a slight increase in the number of buildings in which diagnostic investigations of the floors have been carried out in the last five years (33%) while only in eight buildings have interventions been carried out to make the attics safe. Still insufficient data given that we are talking about an intervention of fundamental importance to prevent collapse phenomena, the main cause of accident and danger. In recent years, funds have been allocated for energy efficiency, in order to make schools less energy-intensive and to implement the production of energy from renewables, but in the 99 buildings monitored, none have energy certification. And the results are critical given that only 15% of the schools surveyed use renewable energy systems. Although all schools should have basic gymnasiums and sports facilities, as well as the full use of the facilities by the community, the data collected give us a different picture. Buildings with sports facilities (gyms, outdoor fields, etc.) account for 48%. Only 59% of schools have facilities open after school hours. School buildings with school canteen service are 23%.

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January 19, 2023 | 07:52


School in Campania, seven out of ten buildings without a static test certificate