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The afternoon disciplinary desks are back in attendance at the “Pertini” high school, appointments much appreciated by eighth grade students, who find themselves having to choose their school future. In fact, they can attend real lessons or laboratory activities, which will allow them to get a complete idea of ​​how the study of the fundamental subjects will take place.

The high school directed by DS Prof.ssa Fabia Baldi organizes laboratory lessons on the constituent disciplines of each field of study foreseen at the “Pertini”: traditional scientific and Cambridge, linguistic and classical.

The lessons will take place starting from Monday 9 January, in the central office of the Liceo, in via Caltagirone 1. To participate, the parents of the students can send an email to the

Enrollment can be carried out up to two days before the date of the branch and requires a minimum number of 3 and a maximum of 15 students for each appointment. Participating students must be accompanied by a parent (or by an adult delegated by the parent) and present a duly completed form to the school (the form can be found on the school website, in the section dedicated to Orientation

Laboratory lesson at Pertini

Here is the schedule of scheduled meetings:

  1. Monday 9 January 2023: 3 – 4 pm
    Prof. Pamela Marano – We and Mathematics (propaedeutic math lesson)
  2. Monday 9 January: 4 – 5 pm –
    Prof. Alexandra Recchi – Oh Be A Fine Girl Kiss Me! (Earth Sciences: The Harvard Classification of Stars)
  3. Tuesday 10 January, 3 – 4 pm:
    Prof. Tina Coppola – Greek is…a classic! (introduction to Greek language and culture)
  4. Tuesday 10 January, 4-5pm: Prof. Giovanni Piazza – Come forward, creative! (creative writing workshop with the director of the school newspaper Res Novae)
  5. Wednesday 11 January, 3-4 pm: Prof. Pamela Marano – We know the world (physics lesson)
  6. Wednesday 11 January, 4 – 5 pm: Prof. Giovanni Piazza – English is music!(introduction to the English language and culture)
  7. Thursday 12 January, 3 – 4 pm: Prof. Silvia Eastoae – El barrio español(introduction to the Spanish language and culture)
  8. Thursday 12 January, 4-5pm: Prof. Sabrina Russo – The Latin hour (introduction to the Latin language and culture in the scientific curriculum)
  9. Friday 13 January, 3 – 4 pm: Prof. Tina Coppola – Latin discere(introduction to the Latin language and culture in the classical address)
  10. Friday 13 January, 4 – 5 pm: Prof. Alexandra Recchi – Abracadabra… matter is transformed! (introduction to chemistry)

A last important appointment to get to know the Pertini high school and its training offer is represented by theOpen daywhich will always take place in presence on Saturday 14 January 2023. It will be divided into three time slots, depending on the study areas:

  • 9-10 Scientific address;
  • 10.30-11.30 Classic address;
  • 12-13 Linguistic address (in the Piazzale Nazario Sauro office).

On the high school, all the information relating to enrollments for the new school year, which will be active from 9 to 30 January 2023, can be found.

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School, orientation at the “Pertini” high school in Ladispoli from Monday • Third Track News