School, start enrollment for the new year. About 100,000 questions have already been sent

The countdown has ended. Families have started enrolling their children in the first elementary, middle and high school classes of the new school year, 2023/24. At 17 on 9 January, the Ministry of Education and Merit announced, about 100,000 applications were forwarded. Families will have until January 30 to choose their children’s school. About 1.3 million students are interested. Enrollment in the vocational education and training courses provided under the subsidiarity regime by the professional institutes and vocational training centers accredited by the Regions which, on a voluntary basis, adhere to the online procedure will also be online. Where the adhesion of peer institutes remains voluntary. Again, nothing new for children: here the application remains on paper.

How to access

To proceed, you need to have a digital identity: you can access the system using the Spid (Public Digital Identity System), Cie (Electronic Identity Card) or eIDAS (electronic IDentification authentication and signature) credentials. Up to three institutes can be indicated. Parents or those who exercise parental responsibility will be able to find detailed information on each institution and locate the school of interest through Clear school, the application made available by the ministry: a dynamic Qr Code associated with each school will provide all the information on the structures, the training offer, the equipment and will compare some data with those of other scholastic institutions in the area. The reference site for Scuola in Chiaro is look for your

Only one enrollment application can be submitted for each pupil/student, but up to two other preferences can be indicated in the event that the chosen school has an excess of requests with respect to the places available.

Requirements and school time in the first cycle

Children who turn three by 30 April 2024 can enroll in kindergarten. The timetable includes 40 hours per week; at the request of families, the timetable can be reduced to 25 hours or extended up to 50 hours, in compliance with the maximum annual timetable for educational activities established by Legislative Decree 59 of 2004. Primary school can be accessed by pupils who turn six within on 30 April 2024. Families, in the application, apply for school time which can be: 24, 27, up to 30 or 40 hours per week (full time). The acceptance of the options of up to 30 hours per week or full-time is subject, however, to the availability of staff resources and adequate services (a circumstance which, the ministry still suggests, should be brought to the attention of the families immediately). The adoption of the 24-hour week model is possible only in the presence of a number of questions that allows the formation of a class with at least 15 students.

The rules for middle and high school

In middle school, the weekly timetable is 30, 36 or 40 (extended time – again in the presence of suitable services and structures to allow the activity also in the afternoon). In the musical courses, the instrumental lesson, theory and reading of music, ensemble music, take place in additional hours for three hours a week (99 per year). In the high school, where those who have obtained the eighth grade diploma can access, in the application for enrollment the possible field of study is also chosen, and it is possible to indicate, alternatively, up to two institutions of approval, in addition to the chosen one. The “Online registration” system communicates, via e-mail, the acceptance of the application by one of the schools indicated (all notifications relating to the application process will also be available on the Io App).

School, start enrollment for the new year. About 100,000 questions have already been sent