School, what it is and what the tutor proposed by Minister Valditara will do

A teacher with a particular training, specially paid more, to provide good and less good pupils with direct support, valid both for school learning and for orientation

Paschal Ancona

From next September there could be important news in Italian schools. The minister of Education and Merit, Joseph Vallettarainterviewed by Messengerfrom the Morning and from The print talked about the upcoming introduction of the tutor teacher.

who is and what does a teacher tutor

In Valditara’s plans, the tutor teacher will be a figure with a particular training, “paid extra”, which in team with the other teachers will have a double task. On the one hand, he will have to follow the boys who are older difficulty of learning, but on the other “those very good who maybe get bored in class and need to speed up”.

school orientation

Furthermore, one of the fundamental tasks of the tutor teacher will concern school orientation. “Needs to Give advices to young people and families on the most appropriate choices regarding the continuation of their studies”, said Valditara, with a specific objective: “to combat the school dropout”. An essential objective, because according to the minister “In Italy 13.2% of young people between 15 and 19 do not study and do not work. Bringing this figure below 10% within a few years would be a good starting point”. Bringing the teacher tutor into schools, explains Valditara, is “the first application of the merit principle“, because “it leads to the enhancement of talents, commitment, training courses”.

where there will be tutor teachers

For Valditara, therefore, tutor teachers will have to work in each middle and high schoolto follow the kids and support them in their school orientation, in a constant dialogue with them and their families

dialogue with trade unions

“I strongly wanted this innovation – said Valditara -. I want it to be built through the dialogue with trade unions“. “We have already figured out how much and how to pay, but all of this will be the subject of discussions” with the social partners, he added. “It is obvious – concluded the Minister – that they will be get paid more having major education and also having an additional activity compared to that of other colleagues. The professors will join on a voluntary basis, they will attend training courses that will be free for teachers”.

the concerns of teachers and students

The unions said they were perplexed with respect to this novelty predicted by the Minister. “The current contract considers the teaching function in a unitary way – he said Elvira Serafiniat the head of the snals (National Autonomous Union of School Workers) – and there is no trace of a tutorial function reserved only for a part of the teachers”. Cisl-School, Ivana Barbacci, who said she expected “the minister to call us to agree on these new figures, above all because they must be contemplated by the contract, we need a regulation of workloads and compensation, we need an organic intervention and not ad hoc”. A rejection came from Uil Schoolwith Giuseppe D’Aprile: “A little money for a few: this is what we read when the tutor teacher announces. A parable that we already know and that we hope will not come back”, while we should “enhance useless, offer guarantees of stability to precarious staff”. For students of the UDS (Student Union), the professor tutor is “a superfluous figure and ghettoizing”

School, what it is and what the tutor proposed by Minister Valditara will do