School worker remains in pretrial detention for possession of child pornographic material

The Puerto Montt Guarantee Court placed a worker at a school in that city in pretrial detention, charged as the perpetrator of the consummated crime of possession of child pornographic material.

This was announced by the Communications Directorate of the Judiciary, which indicated that this Saturday, January 7, the formalization hearing was held for the defendant with the initials JAML, who worked as a computer engineer and in charge of technical support and security cameras. of the educational establishment.

According to the Puerto Montt prosecutor, Ana María Agüero, this Friday, January 6, they received a complaint from an educational facility, due to images found on a hard drive of a computer official from that school.

“Films appeared from a dressing room of said educational establishment where the students changed their clothes,” said the persecutor, who added that a camera was found in said unit.

He added that the Public Ministry ordered the PDI Sexual Crimes Brigade to attend the scene.

Agüero added that, with an entry, search and seizure order issued by the judge on duty at the Puerto Montt Guarantee Court, the police entered the defendant’s home and checked his personal computer.

“It was possible to seize a large amount of child pornographic material and other evidence,” said the Puerto Montt prosecutor.

At the formalization hearing, magistrate Francisco Almonacid Faúndez ordered JAML to enter the Puerto Montt Penitentiary Compliance Center, considering that the freedom of the accused constitutes a danger to the security of society and to the success of the procedure. In addition, he set the investigation period at 60 days.

Affected school

The events were recorded at the San Francisco Javier College in the regional capital, as reported by the establishment on its website in a statement published this Saturday the 7th.

“As an institution yesterday (Friday 6) we learned, through an internal complaint, that a non-teaching official from the school had images of a security camera that was partially aimed at one of the dressing rooms in the sports area stored on his computer.” points to the text.

It is added that upon becoming aware of the facts, they immediately activated the protocol for the Protection of Sexual Integrity of their Internal Regulations due to possible infringement of the privacy of the students and, as established by law for this type of case, filed a complaint. before the Prosecutor’s Office and the PDI.

“As a school we are extremely affected by this complex situation. In this sense, we are taking all the necessary measures to protect our students, starting with the decision to dismiss the official, in addition to filing a criminal complaint in the next few hours,” the document reports.

Likewise, it was indicated that all the information on this process will be sent from the direction of the school and disseminated through institutional communications.

This information deals with a judicial process (in progress) for a crime of sexual connotation. Therefore, in order to protect the victim(s) and avoid unnecessary public exposure, Grupo DiarioSur will not disclose data that allows the identification of the affected persons in this case, such as the names of the person(s) accused.

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School worker remains in pretrial detention for possession of child pornographic material – Diario Futrono