SCJ School is committed to renewable energy in 100% of its facilities

Guatemala. The Sacred Heart of Jesus School announced the Photovoltaic Solar Modules project, with which they seek to operate 100% with solar energy. This important investment is part of its mission to contribute to the environment and be self-sufficient in the energy aspect.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus School was born in Guatemala with the objective of promoting the integral formation of women and providing its students with the best quality education, with the best pedagogical, scientific, technological, sports and infrastructure conditions. Since its inception in 1992, Colegio SCJ has trained several generations of women entrepreneurs and leaders with values.

Currently, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is recognized for its academic excellence, with leadership in the country and for being a bilingual educational institution that promotes comprehensive growth while promoting management skills and sports.

As part of its mission and vision, Colegio SCJ has also implemented important social responsibility projects to benefit the surrounding communities and the country in general. This year is no exception, and it has implemented one of the most relevant initiatives to date in the ecological aspect.

Photovoltaic Solar Modules

With a significant investment, the SCJ College is committed to renewable energy through the installation of solar panels. The goal is that in the coming months these will be installed in 100% of its facilities and that, when it comes into operation, it will allow the school to function 100% based on solar energy.

The renewable energy obtained from the solar panels will be used specifically for the different functions of the school, thus contributing to the environment and raising awareness among the teaching staff, students and parents about the value of savings that the use of of solar energy.

“Sacred Heart of Jesus School has always been an example of innovation. This project was something that we needed in order to contribute to the green flag to produce fewer emissions and therefore contribute to the future of Guatemala and the world. The idea is that both the staff and the students and their families understand the importance of caring for the environment and that we take advantage of the sun to produce the energy that the school needs. We seek to continue being pioneers”, commented José Alfredo González, general manager of the SCJ College.

The Photovoltaic Solar Modules project of the Sacred Heart of Jesus School consists of 232 solar panels. In 30 years, this initiative will be equivalent to having planted 29,390 trees and will mean a total of 1,793 tons of CO2 that will not be produced in the environment.

Relevant data of the project:

•232 solar panels

•545 Wp of individual power per panel,

•126.44 kWp of total power of the solar plant

•Occupied area of ​​606 square meters

•Annual solar generation projection of 188.58 MWh

The objective: That by 2023 and the years to come, the SCJ School will be a self-sufficient school in the energy aspect.

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SCJ School is committed to renewable energy in 100% of its facilities