Segré: the petanque school wants to continue to attract more young people in 2023

Mickaël Théard, head of the petanque school, believes that the evolution of the petanque school is positive. From 2023, there will be seven supervisors at the petanque school, compared to four in 2022. (©Haut Anjou)

End December 2021the petanque section of Segré Haut Anjou sports agreement (ESSHA) has created a pétanque school. Its premises are located rue Lihoreau, La Chapelle-sur-Oudon (Maine-et-Loire), delegated municipality of Segré-en-Anjou-blue.

One year later, Mickael Theard reports on the progress of the school.

News: How is the pétanque school doing a year later?

Mickael Theard: The result is quite positive. We have between 15 and 20 young people within the structure. We welcomed young people from Maine-et-Loire clubs for a departmental championship on April 30, 2022.

This ranged from benjamin to junior categories (from 8 to 17 years old). We had about 130 participants over one day, not counting the accompanying persons. We are renewing the operation on April 30, 2023. Another improvement, from this year 2023, we will be seven supervisors at the petanque school, compared to four last year.

Are there other things to improve?

MT: We are always looking for graduates for our school. The 15 to 20 young people we have are people I know and those around me. The goal would be to have others that we don’t know and who don’t know the school.

We stay, for training, on Saturday morning (from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.). This is the only slot that is suitable for children.

As we have more supervisors in 2023, this will allow us to intervene in schools, school groups, to do detection. We’re still looking for sponsors, too.

And the project to create a bowling alley?

MT: We still have it in mind, but first we would like to improve the grounds.

We had feedback on the youth departmental championship. We discussed it with the town hall of Segré-en-Anjou-bleu (Maine-et-Loire) but we cannot invest alone in redevelopment of the land. In addition, we no longer have lighting. We had also seen to rent a room which was near our land in La Chapelle-sur-Oudon (Maine-et-Loire), but the rental is too expensive.

Other projects?

MT: The club keeps the name Entente sportif Segré Haut Anjou pétanque. If we changed the statutes, the Department charged us 6 € more per license. We don’t want to end up with a financial hole, knowing that we are at around 51 licensees.

Before April 2023, we will meet with two schools, one in Brittany and one in Laval (Mayenne). We will mix the young people. On February 18, 2023, six disabled cyclists will come for a day, with their six companions, to raise awareness among young people.

In the morning, it will be pétanque, and in the afternoon, discovery of tandem biking.

Practical: Information and contact on 06 11 39 53 62.

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Segré: the petanque school wants to continue to attract more young people in 2023