Successful seduction operation for the IUT of Castres and the Isis engineering school

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This Saturday, January 28, the ISIS engineering school and the IUT of Castres opened their doors to future students on the Borde Basse campus. A successful operation for the two establishments which do not lack arguments to attract new students each year.

Whether at the IUT (from 9 a.m.) or at the ISIS engineering school (Computer Science and Information Systems for Health), the flow of future students who came to learn about these Castres training courses was uninterrupted this Saturday January 28 during the open days organized by these two establishments located on the Borde Basse campus. A day intended to answer all the questions of visitors, whether high school students preparing their wishes on Parcoursup or students wishing to continue their studies.

“It’s more concrete, we see the premises, the equipment made available to students and we exchange with former students”, confided Alexandre, 17, seduced by the open door of the IUT and especially by his DUT Chemistry. Sohan himself, “very interested in IT”, came on purpose from Pins-Justaret, near Toulouse, to get information on the MMI sector (Multimedia and Internet Professions). Others came to learn about the other two training departments: Packaging, Packaging and Conditioning (PEC) and Marketing Techniques (TC).

Already at 10 a.m., more than sixty future students had passed through the door of the IUT de Castres.

Already at 10 a.m., more than sixty future students, who did not hesitate to come early and from afar, had passed through the door of the IUT, also very impressed by the infrastructure. “We are on a relocated site far from major cities, but that does not prevent us from offering quality higher education and financially, it is more accessible to live here, knowing that we also have a rate of scholarship holders by 50% while the national average is 32%”, explained Stéphan Mongrand, the director of the IUT, who also wishes to highlight the new BUT (University Bachelor of Technology), a national public diploma at bac + 3, offered since the start of the school year in September 2021 at the IUT de Castres. “It’s a more coherent training that opens more doors to work-study or international training. We know that it will attract more young people to our sectors,” said Stéphan Mongrand.

“It’s a bit of the elite”

Visit of the premises, presentation of tutored student projects, discovery of international mobility or even the admission process, the open day at Isis, an establishment created in 2006, allows each year there also to sweep away all the questions of high school and university students who would be interested in an engineering school. An engineering school not quite like the others since Isis is the first school in France to train engineers specializing in e-health.

“Above all, she brings dual expertise, digital and health, which is highly sought after today and which will be even more so in the years to come. It is also a component of the National University Institute Champollion of Albi and one of the members of the INSA group”, explained Adrien Defossez, deputy director of the establishment. Important arguments which do not only attract young people from Tarn. Toulouse, Rennes, Montpellier… “Last year, a family even made the trip from Strasbourg! “, confirmed Adrien Defossez. Yesterday morning, Kévin, currently in a professional degree in computer science and “very interested in e-health” came with his parents from Bayonne. “It was a former student who told me about this school. And I’ve only had good feedback. It’s a bit of the elite, ”he said.

Having also become an essential place for Castres students, yesterday, the campus house located next to the engineering school also offered visitors several activities. A successful seduction operation therefore for these establishments, spearheads of higher education in Castres which currently has more than 2000 students.

Successful seduction operation for the IUT of Castres and the Isis engineering school