Teacher accused of harassing students at school is suspended; would be a repeat offender

Said decision, which was made by the Institution that represents the citizens in December 2022, means that the public official does not perform his duties or receive his salary for three extendable months, while the apparent faults that have been classified as serious and very serious are analyzed.

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As stated in the document issued by the attorneythe official argued in his defense with extra-trial statements, records of people who say they know him and give an account of his qualities as a person, in addition to stating that there is not enough evidence to demonstrate the conduct foisted against him, so they are indirect testimonies.

Nevertheless, there is evidence provided by the institutions with which the preventive measure is necessary to prevent the person involved from interfering in the process where those who would be their victims are minors.

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Above all, when José Sánchez had been transferred from the Ciudad Luz Educational Institution due to complaints of harassment to the San José Technical Institutionwhere it is presumed that he was a repeat offender, and which would force the Municipal Ombudsman of Ibagué to request the suspension of the teacher.

“They let it be seen that he is prone to commit behaviors that threaten assets legally protected by the Political Constitution, the Code for Children and Adolescents, and Disciplinary Law,” reads a document from the municipal Ombudsman.

Ministry of Education reveals measures

Regarding the issue, the Secretary of Education, Juan Manuel Rodríguez, commented in a media outlet that He was informed that the Attorney General’s decision was to extend the suspension.

“The situation turns out to be a bit complex when this type of behavior is presented by teachers because we as the Ministry of Education We cannot ignore the guarantees and rights that teachers have, therefore we have to find where to refer them”.

“Many of them end up in the Secretariat carrying out tasks of an administrative nature, others go to other educational entities depending on the seriousness of the matter to fulfill administrative functions, and precisely, because that also generates inconvenience for us because we have teachers who are not fulfilling the activity” he indicated. Rodriguez.

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Likewise, the official saw it as unfortunate that the cases of alleged harassment with different levels of severity increase, there is the teacher who sends you obscene photos or videos, such as sending ‘off-the-cuff’ text messages or giving students compliments.

The secretary also maintained that there are facts of false harassment of teachers, for which reason he said that care should be taken.

According to the Secretary of Education of ibaguélast year there were 14 alleged cases of harassment in educational institutions.

Teacher accused of harassing students at school is suspended; would be a repeat offender