The Agolada school is also leaking

Sagging ceilings, chipped walls, and leaks in hallways and even some classrooms They are part of the daily life of another educational community in Dezana. The Silleda Multilingual CEIP is not the only one in the region that presents such a lamentable state that endangers the physical integrity of students, teachers and other staff. The same happens in the Agolada College, also built in the 1970s and that, like its twin from Trasdeza, cries out for a comprehensive reform.

False ceiling without several plates, withdrawn due to leaks.

puddles in the hallways

“Even the books and the material are already wet in some class”proclaim Monica Negro, president of the ANPA Aquam Canwho has been denouncing the situation for a year without effective response from the Department of Education. The water seeps into the second of the three floors of the building, where they have had to remove several plates from the false ceiling due to the number of leaks that had. There, on the landing of the 5th and 6th grade classrooms, you can see up to five buckets and jars to collect water, although some always escape and end up forming puddles. “It is dangerous, because children run down and can slip,” warn the parents’ association. The leaks reach the ground floorfor example, to the classroom used for the conciliation service, launched this academic yeara space where, in addition, children complain that they are cold.

Water on the floor of the Aula Concilia.

These are just some of the most serious deficiencies and therefore require immediate fixing. This has been communicated by the ANPA through emails and letters to Education, to its territorial headquarters and to the councilor himself, Román Rodríguez, the latter by registration of entry in the Xunta. After this last letter they were told that they would get in touch with them, but “We keep waiting and the situation is getting worse and worse”. The group, like the management, has reported everything to the Agolada Council, responsible for maintenance.


But these are not the only deficiencies of the Agolada CEIP. The gym, also built five decades ago in brick, presents damp on its walls and raised floor. It does not comply with the accessibility regulations – a student in a wheelchair who was in the center until last year was never able to go with her classmates – and it doesn’t even have a bathroom, which forces the children to have to cross the patio in case of need and, for the little ones, to have to be accompanied by their teacher. “Sometimes when they return to the gym to teach the class the bell already rings,” they say. From Aquam Lata they believe that the solution is to build a new gym.

old dwellings

The old teachers’ houses, attached to the school playground, they are in danger of being knocked down and the only protection is a wire wall with a block base. “That moves everything,” warns Black. The wall that marks the access walkway to the gym is also unstable, as the tape placed by Civil Protection warns.

The only “commitment” that the association has been able to extract from Education, in a meeting with its territorial board, is that of change the windows in may of this year. And in Last November they fixed the heating and the flat roof in the library part“which was also full of leaks,” says Negro.

The Agolada school is also leaking