The Association of Real Estate Brokers praised the local territorial ordering

Authorities from the Association of Real Estate Public Brokers of Entre Ríos met, in the Hall of Memory, with the mayor Martín Piaggio and stressed that the Municipality of Gualeguaychu uses a digital information system that is a leader at the provincial level.

The meeting was attended by the president of the institution, Paula Armandola, from Paraná, together with the vice president, Iara Defazy, from Concepción del Uruguay. In contact with R2820Armandola specified that they worked with Piaggio “to give continuity to a collaboration agreement that was signed in 2022 where several actions were generated. One of them was a joint training on the new Code of Territorial Planning and Development of Gualeguaychú and on another occasion members of the Commune came to our Seguí 86 headquarters to show the new information digitalization system”.

He added that “this venture is a leader at the provincial level and is necessary to plan, control and manage cities” but it also contributes to the work of the real estate sector “because it facilitates the task of complying with land use regulations. Our mission is to accompany the development of public policies on land use and generate sustainable territorial development”.

Defazy added that “we are working with the majority of the Municipalities and we are part of the Urban Planning Codes that are being modified because it is an issue that interests us. We are the ones who unite supply and demand, so we must articulate the real needs of all and our opinion must be considered to articulate with each Municipality”.


In parallel, the Association of Real Estate Public Brokers promotes a bill that must be dealt with by the Legislature during the year. Entre Ríos is the only province that seeks to establish as a requirement to have a bachelor’s degree in order to enroll in the College.

In this regard, Armandola described that “the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Ángel Giano, presented a bill so that those who register as public real estate brokers in the province must have a degree, that is, a bachelor’s degree in 4 years. This is how we seek to prioritize the real estate brokerage profession, be able to adapt to the new legal rights to land and water, and accompany those who are studying the degree in more complex training.”

“For sustainable development we must comply with the three variables that are economy, environment and society. That is what we propose and present to the governor and vice president, Gustavo Bordet and Laura Stratta, who agree to work conscientiously on our territory “, added the president of the College.

Finally, Vice President Iara Defazy pointed out that “the relationship with the Gualeguaychú delegation is very good where there is strong work on sustainable territorial development, training enrollees in soft skills, mediation and digital marketing, which is a shortcoming that we have in the province”.

“Since the territory belongs to everyone, there is a need to play as a team, to articulate between public and private actors to reach a mutual benefit” summarized Defazy.

The Association of Real Estate Brokers praised the local territorial ordering – The City – Report 2820