The candidate for the College of Nursing, Elena Ródenas, presents her electoral program

The candidate for College of Nursing, Elena Rodenashas presented at the collegiate headquarters, the members of its Board and its electoral program that will defend the interests of the 7,000 nurses in the Region of Murcia over the next four years.

Elena Ródenas is Director of Nursing at Ribera Hospital de Molina. His professional experience exceeds 25 years of practice, much of it in positions of responsibility and nursing management. It has always been collegiate. It emphasizes that “nurses and nurses are the professionals who dedicate ourselves to caring for others. We provide security and we have excellent training”.

The candidate explained that her essential objective is transparency and that the members participate in the institution. In his opinion, “professionals need a College that takes care of them who have given so much during the Covid pandemic and that offers training and useful information.”

The candidacy has received more than 50 endorsements from nurses of recognized prestige, respected people in the field of health, research, teaching, public and private health.

In the presentation of the program and the candidacy, Elena Rodenas has been accompanied at the table by: Concepcion Martinez RomeroNursing Assistant Director of Continuity of Care Area1; carmelo gomez, nurse specialist in Geriatrics, doctor in Social and Health Sciences and Social and Cultural Anthropologist and university professor; Y Francisco Quinonero MendezSVAE nurse and professor at the Cartagena School of Nursing

The candidacy is made up of professionals from the areas of Murcian Health Service and Private Health. People who work at bedside, in management and in personalized attention.

Vice president: Jose M. Olive, UCI Reina Sofía supervisor; Secretary: Eleanor Zafra, Director of Nursing at H. Viamed San José; treasurer: Jesus Loyal, supervisor of the Quality and Research Area H. Morales Meseguer; 1st vowel: Julia Martinez, deputy director of Area 2 Nursing; 2nd vowel: Mª. Jose Lawrence, Director of Nursing at H. HLA La Vega; 3rd vowel: Ana Belen Rodriguez, Supervisor Maternity, Pediatrics and Delivery Room H. Comarcal del Noroeste; 4th vowel: Elizabeth Bath, coordinator of Midwives of the department. of health of Torrevieja, member 5º: Zeus A. Fructuoso, nurse of ICU Reina Sofía.

Highly qualified professionals are also part of this candidacy, such as: Carlos García Vera, Reanimation nurse H. Rafael Méndez; Rubén García Pérez, emergency nurse H. Virgen del Castillo; Carmelo Gómez Martínez, Geriatrics nurse H. Virgen de la Arrixaca; Caridad Candel Rubio, supervisor of the Diagnostic Units of H. de la Vega Lorenzo Guirao; Juana María Góngora Hervás, nurse at the Barrio del Carmen Health Center; Consuelo Palazón Fernández, Radiotherapy nurse H. Virgen de la Arrixaca; Juan Antonio López García, supervisor of Quality and Training H. Comarcal del Noroeste; Carmen Arco Hernández, director of Nursing H. Perpetuo Socorro Cartagena; María Josefa Sánchez Carrasco, nurse at the Maternity Unit H. Comarcal del Noroeste; Clementa Quiñonero Lidón, director of Nursing H. Virgen del Alcázar; Juana Sánchez Sánchez, supervisor of the Laboratory and Teaching H. Comarcal del Noroeste; and Juan Antonio Sánchez-Castañol Conesa, Director of Area 2 Nursing.

For Elena Rodenas It is essential to give prominence and voice to the collective, to recognize their needs and concerns in order to work for them, in addition to effective communication channels with the members.

He claims that will work from the first day in this renewing and clean stage, without ties to the past, to achieve improvement in nursing working conditions, “professional recognition in the different specialties that belong to us by training, assuming that we are group A1, and the consolidation of eventual positions”.

The working conditions of nursing in residences is another of the bets, because it is not worth just thanking the effort made in the days of the covid. “Now we have to improve the conditions of the squads that have risked their lives, and some even lost them”Add.

For the candidacy of Elena Ródenas, “basic issues cannot be forgotten such as the assessment of nurses who must assume positions of maximum responsibility in the public and private health administration due to our qualifications, and because we are among the most numerous professionals in hospitals or health centers, of which we spend the most time with patients with users and their families. Hence our excellent value in society.”

“We will seek professional equality and we will not forget nurses who want to undertake, nor the regulation and consolidation of school nursing, nor job security”highlights Elena Ródenas.

For the College of Nursing for which the candidate works, continuous quality training, labor, legal and tax care, college benefits and collaboration and cooperation projects are matters to be promoted immediately.

The candidate for the College of Nursing, Elena Ródenas, presents her electoral program