The demand overwhelms Education and forces the creation of a barracks school in Orihuela Costa in September

The Ministry of Education ordered on December 14 the creation of the School Number 20 of Orihuela. It will be the third center of Infant and Primary of Orihuela Costa and will begin his journey in prefab classrooms in September of this year in two lines -two classrooms per course- with capacity for about 400 students.

The educational administration has been forced to speed up the procedures due to the important demand for supervening schooling that is registered in this area of ​​the Oriolan municipality. Demand outside the very common enrollment period in tourist areas of the coast, carried out mainly by British, but which has increased significantly with the arrival of the school-age population since March of last year Ukraine and Russia.

The Generalitat insists that it decides to promote the creation of the new school “with planning” because it ensures that a definitive infrastructure would already be budgeted for and for which it would have a municipal allotment plot in the Dehesa de Campoamor, in the inland area of ​​the coast past the Alicante-Cartagena motorway, according to the same sources consulted by INFORMATION.

medlar street

The prefabricated classrooms will be installed on the public land in Calle Níspero, annex to the avenue of the Brisas, which connects the park road of the N-332 with Villamartín. It is the same one that housed the school in barracks for 16 courses of the “Orihuela Beaches”.

The endowments of basic services of the land, exits and entrances and floor are used, in addition to adapting it, as he explained for his part María García, Councilor for Education of the City Council oriolano. The socialist mayor has already requested the Infrastructure area to vacate the plot to have it cleared at Easter.

Plot where the new School Number 20 will be located, which housed the prefabricated ones of Playas de Orihuela for 16 courses information


The final planned location comes to try to balance the distribution of the current public educational centers on the Oriolan coast -the IES and the two Infant and Primary schools are located in the area of ​​Playa Flamenca, north of the urban area of ​​Orihuela Costa-.

In addition to trying to bring educational infrastructures where they are most needed without resorting to new school transport lines.

This College Number 20 would complete the offer of the schools Los Dolses and Orihuela Beachesboth located in the northern part of the urban area of ​​Orihuela Costa, which covers fifteen kilometers of coastline between Torrevieja and Pilar de la Horadada.

Los Dolses Public School, which is planned to be expanded with one more line -one more classroom per course- TONY SEVILLA

The Dolses

In addition, the Department of Education has in its portfolio and is in process the construction of a classroom for the third line of the Los Dolses College, It has been suffering from space shortages for years, which were initially resolved with the creation of an extension that has once again become too small. The approximate budget would be three million euros and it would be carried out on land attached to the school, right in front of the educational center, where the barracks of the IES Flamenco Beach.

Both performances, School Number 20 and new line in Los Dolseswould fall within the framework of the Edificant Plan, the formula that the regional administration considers more agile to make the projects a reality and that leaves in the hands of the city councils all the powers to project and award the construction of the centers, while the Generalitat is the one who assumes the full financing of the new educational endowments .

Location of the prefabricated school, on Calle Níspero, in the vicinity of the Villamartín highway and Avenida de las Brisas, on a site that is now used by the Infrastructure area David Pamies

supervening registration

The decision of Education has been precipitated by making numbers of the evolution of the school demand that has occurred during this year. The one that occurs outside the ordinary enrollment periods. And it is very high. To the typical mobility of the coast has been added the arrival of Ukrainian refugees from the Russian invasion war, and what is less known, of a new Russian population.

The number of students per classroom in public schools – there are no concerted ones in this area – already far exceeds the maximum allowed by law. To which is added that the centers need a special deployment and reinforcement of teachers to try that these new students can start their schooling with relative normality. Those numbers are on paper.

Access to the IES Playa Flamenca, opened in 2016, after operating for 14 courses in barracks TONY SEVILLA

García added that before proposing this solution, referral to treatment centers was considered. San Miguel de Salinas and Pilar de la Horadada but it was considered that it was better to avoid displacements, in view of the fact that the figures indicate that the new center will be almost full of students when it opens.

great mobility

In the reality of day to day there is a great mobility of students. With cases in which enrolled attend for a few months and do not reappear for the rest of the year, so the ratio is less than what the official enrollment indicates.

The same problem is occurring in Torrevieja, where the Generalitat has already awarded the construction of the Infant and Primary School Number 14 in prefabricated, which has started, in turn, to function in a few days integrated into the prefabricated classrooms of the Colegio Inmaculada.

The provision of a budget line in Edificant for brick infrastructures while improvising prefabs is not a small matter. Orihuela Costa, with 30,000 inhabitants, is a zone of the Valencian Community in which the barracks have gone on forever since the early 2000s.

The IES Flamenco Beach worked on soil reclaimed from a ravine with earth fill during 12 courses, between 2004 and 2016 years and the Colegio Playas de Orihuela took another 16 -from 2002 to 2018to be a reality while overcoming the difficulties of an emplacement in prefabricated modules on another trough.

with more conditions

The Generalitat has taken note of the provisional experience in prefabricated facilities, both when it comes to guaranteeing a game for the final ones before installing a barracks and in the conditions of those prefabricated modules, now much more dignified than a couple of decades ago, although they are still barracks and require a million-dollar investment in rentals throughout the Valencian Community.

The demand overwhelms Education and forces the creation of a barracks school in Orihuela Costa in September