The Directorate of Education of La Paz closes the Loretto school and offers another to students

From the repression of November 15 in Sacaba, at least 11 civilians, all indigenous, lost their lives, had gunshot wounds, and another 120 were injured.

The representative of the victims of the Huayllani massacre, Hernán Maldonado, reported that the sector is on alert and announces “more drastic determinations” in relation to the case of Luis Fernando Camacho.

“Yesterday we have made some determinations and a state of alert, we are going to make much more drastic determinations on the issue of Camacho and Jeanine Áñez,” he said.

The leader stressed that the relatives and victims of the tragic events of 2019 seek “justice for the intellectual and material actors” involved in the massacre.

the decree of death

On November 14, 2019, Áñez and her cabinet signed Supreme Decree 4078 that exempted the military from criminal trials for actions that take place in conflicts.

The third article of that decree, which was later repealed on November 28, expressly determined that the personnel of the Armed Forces, who participate in the operations to restore internal order and public stability, will be exempt from criminal liability.

The next day, November 15, in Sacaba, cocaleros and members of other social sectors tried to join a massive march to the city of Cochabamba, demanding the restoration of democracy.

However, upon reaching the Huayllani bridge, a strong repression by police and military stopped them. In the event, at least 10 civilians, all indigenous, were shot dead, and another 120 were injured.

Maldonado is one of the survivors of the strong repression that caused him to lose his left eye, which was later replaced by a prosthesis.

“There are many tests; I carry a test, they removed it (my eye) that November 15; That cannot go unpunished, ”he protested.

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The leader summoned all the members of the affected sectors, of the Coordinator of the Six Federations of the Tropicsto meet on Wednesday the 11th of this month to coordinate actions.

He attributed his situation and that of the victims to Áñez, for signing Decree 4078, and to Camacho, “for convulsing the country.”

“He went (to La Paz) with a letter in one hand and a Bible in the other, giving him 48 hours (for Evo Morales to resign), agreeing with the Police, with the Army; as a result of that, we have these sequels, ”he said.

Likewise, he regretted that many victims who carry the consequences cannot access health and that some even died.

“We regret that we are making a pilgrimage for health, we are carrying a sequel that we will carry for life,” he said with his prosthesis in hand.

“There are many colleagues who cry over the issue of health, because the day after tomorrow it will be forgotten and then abandoned for health,” he added.

The leader removed and showed the press the prosthesis of his left eye as a sign of the consequences of the tragic events of November 15, 2019.

Upon learning of Camacho’s apprehension on December 28, the relatives and victims of the Huayllani and Senkata massacres are mobilized.

The Directorate of Education of La Paz closes the Loretto school and offers another to students