The school of this commune of the Cotentin threatened with closure at the start of the next school year

The inhabitants came in large numbers after two years of absence. (©La Presse de la Manche)

After two years without vows ceremonythe mayor of Besneville (Manche), Michel Lafosse, and his council welcomed the inhabitants during the afternoon of the January 22, 2023 in the multipurpose room for a small, very convivial reception.

“It is a pleasure for my colleagues and myself to find you again, life becomes more pleasant again, where families and associations can finally resume their good habits”, underlined the mayor during his speech. Then, he presented the members of his council because in 2020, during the last elections, there were some changes, with five new people.

Works and information in 2023

The mayor returned to the works of the last two years, where an effort has been made in the field of road with the asphalting of many roads for around €500,000. There was also the end of the work on the grocery store and the restoration of two dwellings and, in 2022, a wall in the courtyard was made for the amount of €20,000. the graveyard also underwent some changes for €65,000, as well as the painting of the canteen and the hall.

For the coming year, it is planned to finish the road network for approximately €200,000, to put new windows in the canteen, to change the mill ramp, to install a fire hydrant, to repair a portion of the roof of the church but also to continue the collection of the roads of the commune and to clean the ditches.

These are important investments, but rest assured: the finances are healthy without more taxes.

Michael LafosseMayor of Besneville

Then, he gave some information such as an exhibition of paintings and decorations around the mills and also in the national forest produced by a group of painters. A relay antenna is also planned on route de la Croix-Blondel.

According to information from the‘Academy82 classes are threatened with closure, 10 closures should be made at the start of the next school year and 15 openings. Currently, the average per class is 18 students in La Manche and they would like to be at 24.

In the field of construction, it is necessary to reduce the surfaces and at the moment, theCotentin agglomeration study the new municipal map where we can build. Besneville is part of the proximity center with Saint-Jacques-de-Nehouwhich should not penalize the municipality too much.

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He finally thanked his colleagues for their precious help as well as the municipal staff without forgetting the associations, the volunteers and the teachers. And it is by wishing everyone a happy new year that the ceremony ended before sharing the galette des rois, as tradition dictates.

From our correspondent Jean-Yves PICHARD

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The school of this commune of the Cotentin threatened with closure at the start of the next school year