The Witcher 3 Improved Cat School Armor and Sword Locations

Once the swords and armor of the school of the cat in hand on The Witcher 3, it is already necessary to plan to seek their improved versions. Find out how to get their blueprints as quickly as possible.

Get the upgraded cat school quest

If you haven’t already started the Cat School Equipment Scavenger Hunt quest, go to the merchant in Darkwood.

All the information on this subject is in our first article of cat school diagrams.

You need to get them before you can upgrade them.

minia cat school the witcher
This article features the first part of the Cat’s Gear Piece Scavenger Hunt.

Upgraded Cat School Armor Location

Unlike previous versions, upgraded Cat School armors are not collected in a single chest. It will therefore be necessary to move a little more to collect the whole set of equipment.

Where to find the schematic for the Improved Cat’s Gauntlet:

Head north east and more precisely south of the quarry of the ancients.

Only a few monsters are guarding the entrance to the cave where the schematic is. The chest itself is not hard to find.

improved cat school gauntlet the witcher
This location does not pose any particular difficulty.

Where to find the upgraded cat armor schematic:

Direction the “Abandoned Manor of Aeramas”.

The armor diagram is easily found in a chest on the upper part of the tower.

This place will be important again later in the quests.

Where to find the Improved Cat Boots blueprint:

The cat’s school boot schematic can be found against the walls of a cave in the east of the continent without actually being hidden.

The Witcher Improved Cat School Boots
Be careful when moving in this area, the monsters are of higher level.

Where to find the schematic for the upgraded cat’s pants:

Direction Oxenfurt in the blacksmith’s house and more precisely in his basement.

To reach the desired area you have to go down the stairs and then take a ladder to enter a cave.

improved cat school pants the witcher
Note that it is also possible to enter the blacksmith via the lower part of his house, in this case no need to go down the stairs.

Be careful not to go too far. Upon entering the cave, the Witcher Sense will be able to spot a small stone to the right.

This stone opens a secret passage where the chest containing the pants diagram is located.

pants 2 improved cat school the witcher
Pressing the button opens the secret passage visible on the left of the image.

Upgraded Cat School Swords Location

Like the previous ones, the improved cat school swords are not very difficult to find.

Where to find the schematic for the Improved Cat’s Steel Sword:

The blueprint for the steel sword can be found in a cave near “Rearden Manor”.

Only a few monsters block the entrance, a challenge without major problems for the witcher.

Where to find the schematic for the upgraded Cat’s Silver Sword:

This schematic is one of the most hidden in the upgraded set. To find it, you have to take a hidden ladder in Novigrad.

In order to easily find it, go to the exact place indicated by our image.

Important note, the scale sought is outside in a non-logical area.

In addition, and to be certain that this ladder does not cause too much difficulty, here is the exact place to look.

To reach it it is necessary to take the fast trip from the Oxenfurt gate and cross the bridge to enter the town.

improved cat school silver sword the witcher
The ladder is on the grass by climbing the low wall in the center of the image.

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Congratulations, you have all the upgraded cat school weapon and armor schematics in The Witcher 3.

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