There is no school without a cell phone But the minister pretends not to know

NoonJanuary 15, 2023 – 4:31 pm

The school has to walk with people’s real life. But the minister has sent a circular in which he announces the ban on cell phones. The theme immediately disappeared

Of Giancalo Vitilli

Those geniuses that a few years ago they invented the school without books, except then recognizing that, in a few years, we realized that male and female students did not know how to read and write, much less understand the minimal statements of a period. But online books are cool, like university handouts, those in the Bignami format (do the terrible editions still exist?). And then the innovations, the technologies, these days the School 4.0, the school with the IPad, the one without a backpack, the one without teachers, the school without school, Emilian format, which we enjoy the national record in the years of Covid (one year and six months, 1 year and 6 months, without going to school!). And then school with smartphones. The following year, the one with the cell phones in the drawers, broken and taped shut. And this year, every minister has a school without cell phones.

The impossible one, the one that, by now, wouldn’t let me teach, let alone the students. Because we are the ones who have to use their own personal hotspot every morning to access the electronic register. Despite the fibers, the gigabytes, the technological classes, the innovative ones, are actually snowy. From dust, from fluff, from rhetoric. The one of a minister, yet another, who two days before closing for the holidays, as if the Italian school had an emergency, sends a circular to the public schools, those of merit, according to him, in which he announces the ban on the use of cellular. When the schools reopened, the theme disappeared, as if it had been a joke. But it’s worth discussing, lest it happen again. School without cell phones, then.

At least in southern Italian public schools, those where the merit with the Internet that goes you have to deserve it. In the North they deserve it more, evidently. In just three months, also according to the students with whom we read the newspapers in class and comment on them: but who thinks they treat public school like a boarding school?, since when did this come, humiliations, socially useful jobs, bans, obedience. And there is the school of Full Metal Jacket?. We are tired of a school that doesn’t walk with the real life of people, students and teachers. The one in which it is impossible not to use the cell phone, but in which it is possible to educate oneself on the rules. Like at home. What do ministers know (even if they are women) and ministers (even if they are who we had never seen them) who take turns at the Ministry of Education, of the great merit that mobile phones have, they’re an excellence, when in the morning we access the hotspot and can finally start school? The one that has so many, too many problems, that a call to the minister in class would not be enough to tell him which chat we would be navigating in, if only we had to list the real problems of the Italian school. The public one that fails to recognize itself as deserving of so much baseness.

January 15, 2023 | 4:31pm


There is no school without a cell phone But the minister pretends not to know