They demolish the Elda school where the new hospital parking will be built

On the large plot of land that this special education center occupied, from which tons of rubble have already been removed, 200 public squares will be created to put an end to the circulatory chaos that has been going on for decades in the regional road of La Torreta, the CV-833.

Those responsible for the Ministry of Health and the winning company, Intagua Public Workssigned the act of rethinking the project on October 18 with an execution period of four months and a bidding budget of €352,600. Therefore, the Villena company will have to deliver the work in the second half of next February.

The area where the new car park will be built and the Elda Hospital in the background. Axel Alvarez

in tune with the environmental commitment of Health, and with the aim of minimizing the felling of species, the trees of the plot that will house the new car park of the General University Hospital of Elda. The specimens have already been relocated to the garden area of ​​the hospital.

The works to transplant the trees of the Miguel de Cervantes school in the garden of the Elda Hospital. INFORMATION

The land, which covers 14,370 m2 and is in front of the hospital center, it will house at least 200 free surface parking spaces once conditioned. Last summer, the Generalitat Valenciana ceded ownership of the plot to the Ministry of Health after Rubén Alfaro’s government team did the same a few months earlier.

Trees transplanted at the Elda Hospital from the Miguel de Cervantes school. INFORMATION

This surface car park will be added to the underground car park with three floors and direct operation contemplated in the construction of the New Building for External Consultations. In this case, the budget for drafting the project amounts to 551,512.71 euros and 11,597.46 square meters will be used for parking and 5,068.73 square meters for External Consultations.

With the future parking spaces for the two new car parks and the existing ones behind the new wing, The General University Hospital of Elda will reach around 800 beds and will be able to cover both the needs of users and professionals.

circulatory chaos

Today parking space is limited because the hospital center has been growing by building care buildings to the detriment of vehicle parking areas. A circumstance that has been generating discomfort and risk situations for drivers and pedestrians for years that have given rise to hundreds of complaints. Given the lack of parking spaces, many vehicles remain parked on impassable dirt roads and on both sides of the road. La Torreta regional road that connects Elda and Sax, which has been generating a dangerous and growing traffic chaos for more than a decade. Especially in the mornings.

Vehicles parked on the shoulder of the La Torreta regional road with the Elda Hospital in the background. Axel Alvarez

That it is not a new or trivial problem is demonstrated by the fact that the issue came up in almost all the meetings of the health council of the Department of Elda. However, to date none of the alternatives proposed in recent years had prospered, both because of the Elda Town Hall as well as by the Department of Health and even by private groups such as the association for the disabled AMFI, to enable a parking with capacity for 500 vehicles. It is, at least, the figure estimated by the technicians to put an end to one of the problems that has generated the most inconvenience, inconvenience and complaints in the region as a whole for a long time.

The demolition and clearing of the old educational center has been undertaken in phases. Axel Alvarez


In addition, over the years it has been shown that the alternative that the Elda City Council opted for when it detected the problem has not given the expected result. The creation of a large public car park next to the ITV station and the Valle de Elda Comprehensive Public Vocational Training Center has hardly had an impact. Being 200 meters away from the hospital, users and family members look for closer areas to leave their vehicles. They opt, above all, for the shoulders of the regional road of La Torreta and the land plots closest. But, in these cases, the sporadic presence of gorillas has generated conflicts that have even required police intervention.

For the different Corporations that have passed through the Elda City Council during the last decade, this issue has been a priority. Thus, at least, their respective mayors have publicly indicated.

They demolish the Elda school where the new hospital parking will be built