Valeria Vegas is honest: “At school they insulted me by calling me Alaska or Almodóvar. It was a compliment”

Valeria Vegas is honest in Ten MinutesBeatriz Velasco HEARST

Their “fanaticism” has made their “idols” -the super ‘top models’ of the 90s, the breakout actresses, the legends of golden Hollywood, Alaska, Bibiana Fernández, Lola Flores, Sara Montiel or Pamela Anderson- have become become the profession of Valeria Vegas. After the success of her biography about her friend La Veneno -‘Ni puta ni santa’, which Los Javis brought to the small screen with the title ‘Veneno’, she is now working with them to bring her book “Vestidas de Azul” to Antena 3 ”, where he is a screenwriter. In addition, she is preparing a documentary about another of her myths: Nadiuska. At 37 years old, the life of this Valencian has been very intense. She moves between Madrid and Seville, where her husband lives. In addition to writing and her collaborations on her radio, every week we can see her collaborating on “Y ahora Sonsoles”, on Antena 3.

-How do you think of making a documentary about Nadiuska?

Many people thought that he had passed away. And not. Four years ago I got the bug, because it was a social phenomenon of the seventies. You, in “Diez Minutos”, have plenty of material from her. I have even found a photo of him with Sylvester Stallone. His life has never been told well and he has been forgotten.

-Is it difficult to do something serious and run away from the morbid?

-It is difficult because they have accustomed us to morbidity, but it is not impossible. We all know there’s a line where you cross. Undoubtedly there are things, like a tragic death, that must be told. In this documentary there are no hurtful testimonies.

valeria vegas poses for her interview with ten minutes, in the section people with style

Valeria wears a jumpsuit and a bolero by Ana Locking, (cpv), and a belt by Isabel Marant, €220.Beatriz Velasco HEARST

-Have you lost respect for characters like Rocío Jurado?

-Yes, I think they have not been valued enough. It’s great that they become memes for young people to know about, but I worry if they just stay in the meme. The problem is also that before they were divas and there are no more. For example, now Aitana comes out and they ask that they not take her out at the door of her house, before Lola Flores or Rocío Jurado opened her houses. I walk through Madrid and I recognize the facades of the houses of the divas.

-But it is also true that we would never have imagined Isabel Pantoja participating in “Survivors”.

-That’s another thing. If many of those divas were alive now, we don’t know what would have happened. Also, her relationship with the press was totally different. It was positive, because they were consistent with her profession.

-Whose fault is it?

-Because of the executive environment around them, which generates overprotection, which means that we don’t know the artists.

-Do you remember the first time you bought a gossip magazine?

-The first magazines I consumed were when my father was hospitalized, which was frequent. I was nine years old. Now I have become a great collector of magazines. “Diez Minutos” has always seemed the funniest to me with sections like in 89 with “Interiors”, where you took characters like Emma Ozores or Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada in their underwear.

valeria vegas poses for her interview with ten minutes, in the section people with style

The writer wears a Nümph dress, €89.90; Magrit sandals, €275; Zara earrings, €15.95, and Thomas Sabo necklace, €198.Beatriz Velasco HEARST

-Did you dream that one day you would come out here?

-I never dreamed it because I thought it was impossible. I am very unambitious.

-The Venom was a gift for you?

Meeting her was one of the best experiences of my life. For me it was a television myth, which hooked me because they wouldn’t let me watch it on television. Then I met her in 2007 in Valencia and I showed up at her house. Over time I know what I owe La Veneno and what she owes me. There’s nothing in my book that puts her in a bad light. There was a respect that often was not on television. But it is also true that she was wild. I felt that I had to pamper her without knowing that she was going to do a series later. You can never write a book thinking that she is going to become a series. In fact, I paid for my book because the publishers were not interested in it. They argued that she was a controversial character.

-Did you respect her with the series?

-That is one thing that I made clear from the beginning, and Los Javis also went with that intention.

-There were people who criticized you.

-Above all the family, but she had already talked about them at the time on television.

-Of all those divas, which one do you prefer?

-With Alaska.


-Because I remember seeing her when I was ten years old and thinking that she represented me. She would do everything to him, but at the same time she wouldn’t do anything to him, because she doesn’t want to.

-Have you ever dropped a myth?

-Yes, it has happened to me with some Almodóvar girl, because I saw her have an ugly treatment towards other people. I’m not going to tell you who she is.

-Do you have divas of the Magazine genre?

-Norma Duval seems to me the best star in this country. She taught me to sit on television. Also, she is a good companion. Then there are others like Esperanza Roy, Rosa Valenty or Rosita Amores. I would do a residency only for vedettes.

valeria vegas poses for her interview with ten minutes, in the section people with style

Valeria is wearing a dress by Koker, €69.99, and sandals by Magrit, €275.Beatriz Velasco HEARST

-After so much myth, do you have life?

-I have more of my own life than I think, even though I live all turned to myth. In my house there are two photos of me and all the rest are of myths, even in the bathroom.

-Don’t you have photos of your wedding?

I don’t have any printed. My husband is a saint.

-But the truth is that it is very difficult to find someone who speaks ill of you.

-I don’t get along with everyone, because I live without messing with anyone and having fun along the way.

-Did you imagine your life like this when you arrived from Valencia to Madrid?

-I had Madrid super mythologized. It was like an amusement park and it still is, because it’s the only way to support this city.

-If you had not been a communicator, what would you do?

-It was clear that I liked communication, but I would have been happy in a haberdashery.

-At school, did they look at you badly with your myths?

-I don’t know what vision the children would have, but they insulted me by calling me Alaska or Almodóvar, when the norm was that you had to like the Spice Girls. For me it was a compliment.

My beauty, exposed

Before going to bed…

I brush my teeth and remove my makeup. I am not in the habit of putting on night cream. I know it’s a mistake.

In my travel bag I always carry…

Makeup and nail file. Any imperfection in the nails makes me very angry.

My perfume…

I alternate Narciso Rodríguez with Giorgio by Beverly Hills.

My ideal beauty product…

The concealer for dark circles and facial mask.


I would love to be a fitness legend, the Jane Fonda of the 21st century, but I hate exercise.


I am intermittent fasting

Plastic surgery…

In favor. I practice it less than I would like. My new goal is mandibular marking

Appointment in… Marta, Honey!

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Beatriz Velasco HEARST

We meet Valeria in one of the fashionable places in the capital: Marta, Cariño! A place divided into four spaces: restaurant, cocktail-bar, club, candy bar and, in addition, a terrace. A place where you can enjoy a wide gastronomic menu, cocktails, and where fun is guaranteed with the music of the best DJs and live performances.

Styling: Maria Alvarez

Makeup and hairdressing: Javier Reyes for Furterer

Acknowledgments: Marta Cariño. Calle de Silva, 4. Madrid. Phone: 915 479 394.

Valeria Vegas is honest: “At school they insulted me by calling me Alaska or Almodóvar. It was a compliment”